It is important to prepare in advance when you want to keep your little one’s healthy diet


Today was a “mad” rush day from the point we woke up after receiving an unexpected message. Fortunately I had marinated minced pork (with grapes, star fruits and dash of pepper) in the fridge. I just stir fried the marinated pork with olive oil, minced onion & garlic and put into the thermos. Unexpectedly, it smells real good. In a separate tupperware, I packed mixed grain rice & sprinkled with boiled broccoli. My 15 mo had this for lunch and dinner. Also, fortunately I had baked the banana bread last night for breakfast + fresh fruit yogurt is readily available in the fridge + prepared banana biscuits for the weekend.

This reminds me that it is important to do certain things in advance for unforeseen circumstances!

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