Ikan selar (BM) or yellowtail scad (English)

I am BAD at fishes. I am still learning about fishes. While grocery shopping at Tesco, I found that “ikan selar” was quite fresh. So, I thought of testing it – I didn’t have time to google about the fish before buying as I was handling little 17chipmunks. So, I just bought one piece, which cost RM2.66 (If I am not mistaken, the price on that day was RM9.90 per kg). I went home and googled; found that this fish is typically for Malay style cooking. I also found its English name, which is yellowtail scad. I didn’t really “care” so, I just deboned it. Deboning was easy, but getting rid of the fishy smell is difficult. One of my friends recommended that I use lemon juice to get rid of the smell. It works – even on the chopping board and knife (wonderful!).


After deboning the fish, I marinated it with grape juice, parsley and mint. I marinated it overnight. The next morning, which is today, I still find it very fishy smell. So, I decided to stir fry it with garlic and ginger. While it was “sweet” in taste (the end result), it was still kind of fishy – and certainly, I find that it is more suitable for those assam jawa type of dishes. Well, I learn my lesson here. I will remember then that ikan selar or yellowtail scad will be for assam jawa type of dishes!

2 thoughts on “Ikan selar (BM) or yellowtail scad (English)

  1. Hi there,
    I have been told to use white vinegar (diluted in water) to rid the fishy smell – it works and for meats too. Alternatively lemon/lime water and salt.
    BTW what’s tengiri? Spanish mackerel, Kingfish or Narrow barred mackerel? I live in UK and missed deep fried tenggiri!

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