When it will be messy and you have non-wearable cloth

01Sometimes little 17chipmunks will take food – which cause stain that is difficult to remove. I thought of a solution – I cut off parts of my old shirts (non-wearable anymore) and then clip in over her body using cloth pegs. This way – you can decide to wash or throw the “bib” after the mess. This is environmental friendly too (especially if you decide to re-use it).


By the way, little 17chipmunks has been taking Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt since she is 8 months old. At the beginning stage, I added puree into her yogurt. As you grow and with her chewing ability, I added fresh fruits. This is really a good source of calcium – which replaces the need to the old way of giving “ikan bilis”. The yogurt is usually served cold (even in shopping malls, I bring a cooler bag to put them as a food/snack along). I believe there is probiotic in yogurt and thus it is important to serve cold.



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