little 17chipmunks schedule at 13 to 15 months old


Being a stay-at-home mum comes with various joy and challenges. One is to understand your little one’s schedule – from waking up, breakfast, play time, napping, lunch and etc. But the schedule never remains the same – yes, her pattern still changes from time to time – thus, the frustrating part happens when you can’t do what you have planned to do! It will take time for one to adapt to it – I took some time to adapt and finally realized, no point going “mad”, I actually have all the time! (except time for some obligations with family members) Also, I learnt to be less “perfect”, I think.

I remember those days before my last few weeks in my ex-company, I was searching for toddler’s schedule over the internet, but not really easy to find – especially for a toddler who is still fully breastfeed. So, I thought of sharing my little girl’s schedule here. She would be 15 months old by end of this week.

After close to 8 weeks, I think my little girl’s schedule has been:

7am to 8am: She wakes up (and usually breastfeed first), get her to potty train in the morning (which still remains a challenge) and try to have/help her brush teeth

8am: Breakfast and short play (Breakfast usually bread, yogurt, cupcake, oat or cereal with fresh milk) – She actually eats quite a small amount

9 am: Takes bath and short play

10am: Breastfed before going grocery shopping/ accompanying me do house chores/ play herself/ I teach her new things – in between, she will want snacks such as teething biscuit, cereal or fruits

12 pm: Breastfed after coming home/ feeling tired

12.30pm: Lunch (Lunch is either rice with vegetables/meat, noodle soup, pasta or porridge) – not a big amount that she takes, probably 5 tablespoons

1pm: Short play before she takes her nap (breastfed to sleep)

2pm: Wakes up in between for direct latch again (I don’t know why!)

3 to 4pm: Wakes up (depending how tired she is). Play time/ watch youtube

4.30pm: Teatime (usually biscuit, cupcake, pizza or fruit yogurt) – about 2 to 3 pieces

5.30pm: We either go swim or playground (if weather is bad, stay at home do yoga, play hula hoop, hide and seek)

6.30pm: Bath, usually wants to be breastfeed right after bath and take a short break (“me” time from one another)

7pm: Dinner (usually rice, pasta or noodle) – again, she takes about 5 tablespoons

7.30 pm: Play time/ learning time/ video time (AND throwing tantrum time), breastfeed in between

9pm: The papa comes home. When papa’s eat, she will go “curi” eat from papa’s plate, or papa will give her small snacks like Happypuffs; play with papa

10.30pm to 11pm: Direct latch to sleep (sleeping time depending how tired she is).

Midnight – she wakes up about three to five times for direct latch; which I just dream feed and let her self-service (so I get uninterrupted sleep).

I am not too sure how long this schedule will last. I don’t think I will complain about her frequent direct latch/ breastfeeding – as I am really enjoying the bonding session. I think I will miss her direct latching if one day she decides to say “bye-bye” to breastfeeding – just like the first few weeks when I don’t need to wake up to pump – I woke up and had insomnia.

Anyway, my little 17chipmunks is a small sized baby despite her frequent direct latch and bites (here and there). She is just 8.6kg last Wednesday – but as you can see, she is a happy and active baby!

One thought on “little 17chipmunks schedule at 13 to 15 months old

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your baby is really a small eater! I was worried about my boy’s appetite and weight bcos I got a lot of pressure from my in-laws. They always commented my boy very small sized and eats very little, hence many advices came in.. But after reading your blog post it makes me feel better =) My boy is 9 months old n he eats ard 15 adult tablespoons per meal. He’s having 3 meals and ard 28oz of breastmilk a day. All my mummy frens commented it’s definitely enough for a 9 months old but I dunno why he’s so thin.. I guess he’s too active but I’m really tired explaining to others, especially the in-laws.

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