Big Tuesdays at Aeon BiG Subang Jaya


I have been grocery shopping with little 17chipmunks over the weekdays around Giant Kelana Jaya, Tesco Ara Damansara, Tesco Paradigm Mall, Hero Supermarket and Aeon BiG Subang Jaya. Well, these are my choices of locations as they are nearer to our home and they are purely hypermarkets (except for Paradigm Mall’s), which give me convenience to handling little 17chipmunks. On occasions, she has been behaving well, but at times, she can be clingy – like today at Aeon BiG Subang Jaya. Fortunately, I have learn from experience to bring along my cloth carrier.


Over the weeks, I have observed that Aeon BiG Subang Jaya has this Big Tuesdays, whereby for purchases of RM50 and above (and in multiples), customers will be given RM2.50 shopping voucher. Well, weird amount, but it comes to 5% of the bill. Therefore, I decided to shop at Aeon BiG today – i.e. Tuesday, in replace of yesterday’s grocery shopping. In fact, I have observed that there are more people shopping there today than my usual days – other than Tuesdays (coincidently).


In addition to that, I would like to compliment that Aeon BiG Subang Jaya has more and fresher choices of vegetables and even meat (though I didn’t buy the meat there). On fruit wise, they are equally same – actually, not that much choice of fruits around hypermarkets. So, today our grocery shopping comes to RM56.75. And, thus we got a RM2.50 voucher which is valid till 18 March and it has to be utilized there. For me, it will be ok – as I will be doing grocery shopping anyway on weekdays – now I will reserve doing it on Tuesdays – for more expensive items. I have seen other customers redeeming more than one voucher in one single receipt – therefore, it is redeemable in multiples of RM50. Not sure when will this promotion end, but take opportunity while they are still offering it! See you at Aeon biG Subang Jaya next Tuesday!


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