Why stay-at-home-mum is a good decision?


This wasn’t written by me, but copied from a comment from Stay-at-home-moms Malaysia facebook page, by a member: Jenny Loh Wai Khum

No need to rush for work, save a chunk of your money on petrol, tol, parking, clothes, shoes, make up, hair, mani and pedi, babysitter, and no one to breathe down your neck for datelines, no office politics, no worries on being fired, and also being caught in the jam for hours.

No need to rush home to cook dinner, catching up on household chores till midnight, lack of sleep from sick kids, insomia or not feeling well.

You get to eat healthy food from your homecooked meals, bonding time with kids, guide them in their homework, plan for trips without having to apply for leaves, attend to kids when they are not well without having to apply for emergency leaves,

No doubt you will feel stress juggling so many roles but being the CEO of your own house, you can have the final say on how the day should be.
I love being a homemaker cause I want to live a simple yet a happy life away from all the stress relating to my working career. I want to be there for my kids during their growing up years which I think a role I am not willing to delegate to my maid or their grandparents. Kids that I brought to this world is my responsibility to guide, nurture and love with all my heart.

– – – – – –

It reads my mind so much.

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