It has been a month

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It has been a month since I left my ex-company. I can’t be called unemployed as I am not actively looking for another job. I am now a full time stay-at-home-mum. Yes, that’s what I prefer to be called, instead of housewife.

So, how’s life been? Well, the first 3 weeks were honeymoon – as I had a week break myself, and then followed by two weeks break with hubby – of course, little 17chipmunks were with us then. Thereafter, I am totally independent handling her – now, for two weeks. So far, it has been good – but I would definitely say that this “job” requires a lot of EQ test. I need to remind myself to be “gentle” to little 17chipmunks; I need to remind myself that I am not going to use physical punishment as much as possible (since I am still traumatized with how physical punishment was meted on me during my younger days); I need to remind myself that it is not necessary to check on the do-list – I don’t have deadlines! The rush that I face now is – rush to do the dish, laundry or etc – before the toddler cries out for me. I rush to pee or poo – while she stares at me in or outside the toilet. My only me time now is after she finally calls it a day and if I am done with house chores.




But I do have enjoyable time with her. What I loved most is bringing her to the pool, playground and also some short grocery shopping visits. We enjoyed showering together. The most enjoyable part is when I was playing the tab and she was feeding me her snacks that I prepared for her. It was such a lovable scenario.


Financially, I have really slowed down on spending. I would think twice when I pick up each item – do we really need it? We have also been eating in more frequently – especially breakfast. Nevertheless, we got the second carseat again from Fabulous Mom for my car (well, the same level of service given for the first buy – just that there is no longer the RM10 discount this round) – using the collected angpau monies. Firstly, I am more comfortable driving my car. Secondly, the car seat can only be placed beside me in the car – which makes me more comfortable handling her cries. And, thirdly, in case of any emergency, I can always bring her to the doctor – without having to swap cars with hubby.


Sometimes I do ponder if my decision to be a stay–at-home-mum is correct – I am more fearful on the financial wise. I have thought of venturing into small little business – such as nanny service, driving kids to school and so forth. But we think – it is best to set aside such thoughts for the time being while I continue to settle down with my little 17chipmunks. At this point of time, she needs me the most.

Similar to one of the most common comments when I decided to breastfeed, the most common comments when I decided to be a stay-at-home-mum: Later she will cling on you & she will not want anyone else to take care of her. So what if she clings on me, isn’t she my baby who needs mummy the most now?

2 thoughts on “It has been a month

  1. Came here from fb and NO! U r such a brave mommy for deciding to be SAHM. I wanted to and hubs was supportive but decided to just change job so I can try for a more balanced life. Bravo to you! I miss spending time with my lo so much but we try to make up weekends. Good thing my ILs takes care of him while we work so he’s well taken care of 🙂

  2. Here from FB, love reading your blog as I’m also a SAHM and still struggling to adapt and accept the decision although I believe this is what’s best for my baby. Your blog gives me a look into my future, which helps a lot.
    Keep writing and sharing. Kudos to you!

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