50% off McCafe® Beverages 14-16 February 2014 (8am to 11am & 2pm to 6pm)


We saw this offer at McDonald’s Malaysia facebook. On Saturday, we went to its SS2 Mcdonald but we did not print out the vouchers. So, we paid the normal price. They really honour the fact that customers need to bring the print out copies or come with the newspaper cuttings.


Today we printed the vouchers and went to the same McDonald – one voucher for one beverage – therefore, printed 2 copies. We went to the same outlet. The staff there could not really cope with the demand today. Sloppy service provided – the queue was getting longer. When I made my order, instead of iced mocha, the staff ordered for me iced latte. She did not even bother to repeat my order – thus, I realized that when I saw my receipt, which she placed on the tray for her colleague to refer to – this is so unlike café like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Nevertheless, we indeed got the offer at 50% today. One iced latte and frapuccino mocha cost less than RM8. This was our first time trying frapiccino, it was below average while their latte was ok.


In addition to that, there was a cleaner at this particular SS2 Mcdonald being so rude – a Chinese spectacle guy – who barge the queue – like nobody’s business. I was so annoyed by his action. While SS2 Mcdonald is now “beautiful” since they were renovated, it is less spacious now. We were also saddened that they decided to take down the play area for kids – which used to be there.


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