Chinese styled chicken pasta for my 12.5 mo


1. Tomato & spinach pasta – boiled for 10 minutes (ensure it is soft enough for her to chew)
2. Diced chicken breast marinated with diced tomatoes, minced garlic, minced onion & pepper (overnight) – stir fried with olive oil
3. Bok choy for garnishing – boiled to cook
4. Soup based – chicken bones, white radish, carrot & red dates (double boiled for 2 hours)

* No added salt, natural flavours & we adults had it for breakfast too!

Double boiled apple red dates for 12.5 mo

1186726_10202051381518917_1062833852_nMy 12.5 mo fully breastfeed baby has never like drinking water. Even if she drinks from her water tumbler, she spits it out. I am reluctant to offer her ribena or glucose that has artificial sugar. So, I made her double boiled apple red dates instead. And, she loves it.

Double boil 3 apples with some dry longan, red dates & wolfberries for one and half hour.

Dirt cheap at Private Structure warehouse sale


Hubby got to know from Private Strucure MY facebook that they are having warehouse sale, which located at Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras for the period 10 to 12 January. It seems to be quite a bargain buy and decided to go for it.


Upon arrival, we were given a white plastic bag. I, personally, found it amazing that first time I saw that number of guys crazy over this sale! Alright, it is filled with underwear segregated by sizes. There was a smaller section that sold jacket, pyjamas, t-shirts and singlets, also segregated by sizes. Only one small little section that sold ladies singlet. A lot of them come with similar designs.


It was actually dirt cheap – nothing more than RM20. Price range from RM2 to RM20. Good buy for people who don’t care about the latest designs on the underwears – but just the comfort and Private Structure brand. Location wise – not very strategic if one is coming from Petaling Jaya area. It is located at their main office, I guess and at a shoplot.


Well, to find out when there will be their next warehouse sale, I guess one has to follow their facebook.


Hubby bought closed to two dozens and few shirts.


Mi hun soup for my 12.5 mo


1. Double boiled soup – chicken bones, tomatoes, carrot, onion, apple for 2 hours
2. Mi hun soaked overnite, boiled the required amount – cut them with scissors
3. Mustard leaves – boiled the required amount
4. Meat – pork marinated with grapes overnight; stir fry with olive oil and minced garlic

No seasonings; and we adults had it for breakfast too.

Tau fu fah with apple sauce & strawberries for my 12.5 mo


Quick and simple:
1. Scoop half container of plain Tau fu fah into lo’s bowl
2. Scoop 3 tablespoons of apple sauce (or pureed apple)
3. Cut strawberries into pieces and spread it on top
4. Chill it and serve

*Served chill especially if lo is teething (I noticed that my lo has been drooling again lately)
* She finished all without hesitation

Bali Hedonist Package @ baliayu Sanctuary, Paradigm Mall


Ever since the massage we enjoyed in Kuta, Bali, I have been craving for massage, especially Balinese ones – as they are really relaxing without exerting too much pressure. Finally, there is baliayu Sanctuary located at Paradigm Mall that offer bali massage. I frequented there few times. It started with a request for 30 minute upper body massage. Thereafter, I took their Bali Hedonist Package which cost RM138 (before service tax) – the gross amount paid is RM147.35. If I am not mistaken, I have been there three times for this package – and once with hubby.

The package includes welcome feet wash massage – which I think it is pretty simple; 30 minutes foot massage and 1 hour body massage. Each time, I requested that we do the foot and body massage in the room. The masseur there is either from Bali or locals. I do enjoy the massage there – that’s why the frequency there. It is only if I could find time there – such as when I am on leave (not sure if I have this chance anymore when I turn to be full time mum). Price wise – I think it is quite pricey compared to other massage parlours like in SS2 – which can be offered half of its price. Moreover, the price of RM138 is their opening price (not sure how long it will last) and once I went there – it was happy hour price (meaning from 11 am to 4pm Mondays to Thursdays)

Nevertheless, this is the only place that I know of that offer Balinese massage. In addition, it is located in a mall just few minutes drive from our place –and thus the avoidance of traffic jam – especially the need to rush home to pump when little 17chipmunks is not with me. They do have packages – which I refuse to sign up for. They do introduce the packages to me, but did not pester me too much about it. I heard that they have an outlet in Bangsar too.

Something that I enjoyed being here: the masseur is quite observant and they are “experts” in the sense that they can read my body by just massaging me – for instead, whether my body is bloated with wind. Thumbs up to them.

Breastfeeding tips 1

I am no expert but I thought of writing these breastfeeding tips in case I forget one day, especially since I will be a stay at home mum, who will latch my baby thoroughly and the requirement to pump will slow down.


In the first month of baby’s life, never pump – but just latches on. Time of latching differs from one baby to another. If baby is with jaundice, make sure you wake up the baby during the midnight – every 2-4 hours for milk.


As the baby grows, his/her needs to latch change. Every baby differs in the time and frequency of latching. In the first month, the latching could be more frequent and longer – as baby is helping your boob to understand his/her demand. Baby needs also change as they start with solid food.



Pumping begins after baby’s first month – if you are intending to go back to work, or to store some milk in case of emergency.


Since your baby will still be with you during your 2-3 months maternity leave, find time to pump in between feeds – after feeding and getting the baby to sleep.


Pumping after getting back to work (or baby is not around to latch) – every 3-4 hours; at most 5 hours – in order to maintain supply.


Tip: Better to feed baby the freshly pumped milk – i.e. give the baby milk that was pumped the previous day or so, and feed the thawed frozen milk on Monday or after a long break when your baby kept latching and you had no time/slot to pump.


Storage tips:

  • ·         Freshly pumped milk can be left at temperature level for 3-4 hours.
  • ·         Milk stored in the lower level fridge can last about 3-5 days.
  • ·         Milk stored in freezer can last about 3 months. If you have frozen milk that has gone more than 3 months, you can make it for baby spa or your own foot spa.
  • ·         Make sure the refrigerator is always clean.
  • ·         Always put the milk on the most top shelf – whether it is at the lower level fridge or freezer.
  • ·         Milk stored in the lower level fridge but pumped at different time can be mixed together as long as they are at the same temperature.
  • ·         If your intention of the expressed milk is for your nanny/ whoever to feed your baby, store them according to the amount consumed – each feed in one bottle.
  • ·         Milk that has been thawed cannot be refrigerated back – has to be consumed within 1 hour from the thawing seconds. Unconsumed thawed milk has to be discarded – you can use it for foot spa or etc.
  • ·         Pumped milk left in the cooler bag can usually last for 4-6 hours, depending on the quality of the ice bags and your cooler bag.


Places to pump:

Nursing room

Any corner of the house

Surau (if permitted) – if shy, with a nursing cover

Car with nursing cover

Any seated place with nursing cover


Pump spare parts:

If you have time and maid privilege, wash it every day. Otherwise, store it in a container and place it in the fridge or cooler bag (if you are not at home).

Always have one extra set of spare parts at home – in case the original ones decide to go on faulty.


Greatest tip: Persevere despite breastfeeding is not easy.

Cheesy baked grape salmon for my 1yo


Made cheesy baked grape salmon for my 1yo

Self invented this as I am reluctant to use shelf-seasoning.

Ingredients and steps:
1. Marinate salmon with crushed grapes overnight.
2. Put the marinated salmon in aluminium foil
3. Top the salmon with Cheddar cheese (I used Bega extra tasty Cheddar cheese)
4. Cover the entire salmon with another sheet of aluminium foil
5. In pre-heated oven of 230 degree celcius, bake the salmon for 20 minutes.
6. Cool down before serving.

* Lo had one fifth of it for one meal served with her normal porridge
* I personally tried, it’s tasty and sweet with natural seasoning, I.e grape juice

Two days and one night stay at Studio Suite in Gold Coast Morib International Resort Malaysia

We wanted to take little 17chipmunks to an enjoyable holiday for her birthday. However, since it is a peak period, the costs of most popular destinations are being marked up. We thought, and thought…where else could we bring her to? Well, the idea of Gold Coast Morib struck us – especially since she loves playing in water so much. The place is not too far from Klang town, about 1 hour drive.


Though her birthday falls on a Sunday, we decided to go on a Monday as the price is much cheaper. Hubby managed to get the hot deal of Studio Suite for two days and one night, which cost RM218. This is inclusive of entrance to its water theme park for two (which cost RM35 per person) and breakfast for two adults. He made the purchase through Agoda (booking number 40120716). We have also made some survey on the resort itself. We have noted that there are some good and bad reviews before our visits – which include slow receptionists, dirty Jacuzzi and insufficient breakfast tables.


We arrived at the resort about 2pm. Though the website states that we can check in at 3pm, we managed to check in earlier. There were already queues at the reception area. True enough, it took quite a while for the receptionist to handle some of the check-ins. Surprisingly, our check-in was much faster – where hubby just need to show them the print out (soft copy) and fill up some basis details. The receptionist just told us how to get to our room – by turning left. Our room was 1638. We were confused on which level our room was – luckily one of the staff was in the leave, and told us it was level 6. Then, we pondered – it must be Block 1, level 6 and room 38. Well, the receptionist should have explained to us. On our way to the lift, we can see their staff mopping the wet floor (as people go in and out of the theme park). It was just a little unpleasant to see flies around everywhere despite the floor was mopped.


Upon arrival in our room, we found that they just cleaned up the room (as the floor was just mopped). It was clean actually for our visit – unlike some comments made online. The room was spacious too. However, sadly, instead of our king sized bed, it appears to be two single, which was joined together. There were basic amenities such as refrigerator (which was good as I brought home food for little 17chipmunks), hair dryer and etc. The stay there was pleasant. We enjoyed the Jacuzzi there – once on the Monday night and another on Tuesday morning before we checked out. And, guess what? I breastfed little 17chipmunks in the Jacuzzi on the Tuesday morning!


We were given the water theme park tickets, which last for two days. The place was filled with family with young kids and babies. Our first impression was the park is totally suitable for families. However, the water is a little dirty. We went there twice in the two days and little 17chipmunks had fun there. There are floats for rent – RM10 deposit and RM10 fee.


Breakfast at the resort (from 7am to 10am) – choice is quite limited (but it was free). On the weekday where many took off before school holiday ends, we still manage to get our table for breakfast. They have enough staff to clean up the tables immediately after the guests leaving the table.


Overall, it was a pleasant stay. Well, it is worth the price of RM218 in our opinion.