little 17chipmunks’ last day at the nanny’s today!

20130318_065859_Fotor_Collage copy

First day (18 March 2013): The day I cried, and cried, and cried after leaving her there (as though she is not returning home, and it was just next block!) – After baby returned home, she cling, and cling and cling on me!

Last day (28 January 2014): I smiled, and smiled, and smiled after I left her! – She is a grown up girl! Although I couldn’t totally agree with how the nanny handles her (especially feeding part), thanks for the patience, care and love that you have shown Noelle. And thanks for “adhering” to my way – I have taught one old folk how to handle a fully breastfeed baby (this includes refusing to give her a pack of FM to keep for emergency)!

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