Free Beary pillow and angpau paper from Paradigm Mall


We were at Paradigm Mall today as hubby needed to buy hampers on behalf of his team mates. He spent around RM500 for the hampers. Then, we noticed that there was a queue over the concierge of Paradigm Mall and found out that for at least RM188 spent in at most 2 receipts in a single day, one will be able to redeem a pillow and angpau paper. This is limited to 350 customers in a day.


We thought we could get two pillows as we spent RM500. However, we were told that we could only redeem one. To get two, we actually have to break down the receipts. Well, slightly disappointed  (though free). In addition, the angpau paper given was just a pack of 10 – this makes little sense especially if they want to promote their mall – isn’t it merrier to have more angpaus distributed in their brand?

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