Choosing cereals for toddlers

I have been searching over the internet for the right kind of cereals for toddlers. In my attempts, I found:


Choose cereals lower in salt (less than 0.7g of salt or 0.27g of sodium per 100g of cereal) & low in sugar (less than 8g of sugar per 100g of cereal)



So, I went to search in the supermarkets and found Cheerios to be the most suitable one. In fact, at the label, it was stated that it is suitable for children under 4. For children under 4, sodium per serving is 105 mg while sugar is 1g.


I served cheerios to little 17chipmunks with diced grapes, blueberries & chick peas (steamed for 30 minutes). And, she enjoyed it -she ate them quietly without any fuss!


Updated: Where to get Cheerios? (as far as I know):

Cold storage – Subang Parade (imported goods section)

Cold storage – Jaya Shopping Centre

Cold storage – Midvalley (imported goods section)

Jaya Grocer, Kota Damansara

Hock Lee Supermarket, Damansara Heights

Hock Choon market, Jalan Ampang

Presto, Citta Mall

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