Tofu, egg yolk & mushroom cereal


Simple quick meal: Tofu, egg yolk & mushroom cereal

Made a quick and delicious meal for my 11.75 mo after hubby removed 2 egg yolks from his scrambled egg. I didn’t want to waste the egg yolks and then searched the fridge to find what other ingredients I can use. And, there we go…

Steps & ingredients:
1. Sauté minced garlic in olive oil
2. Add in minced shiitake mushroom
3. Add one tablespoon silken tofu
4. Add two tablespoon water and wait till it comes to boil
5. Add three to four tablespoons grind brown rice/millet/lentils; let it comes to boil
6. Add in the two egg yolk and stir (if you find it dry, add more water)
7. Wait till it comes to a boil, off fire, cool down and serve

Currently trying to train my lo to spoon feed herself; therefore alot of mess

In addition to this dish, I gave her a banana. She finished almost all of them.

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