Dining in Hong Kong Station at SS15, Subang Jaya


In looking for a new place to dine, we stopped by at Hong Kong Station at SS15, Subang Jaya. It is located right in front of the famous Asia Café, and also in the same row as Starbucks. It is a new concept café – the design of the café is really well down. We were impressed by its design that brings in the Hong Kong memories.


There weren’t many customers. The menu was given to us. We asked for a baby chair and sadly they do not have any. They have set meals and we made our order. The drinks were served soon after the order was made. As we waited for our food, another pair of customer came in and they made their order too. After hubby’s food order, instead of serving my order (after waiting for more than 15 minutes), it went to the customers that came later than us. Of course, that furious me and instantly wanted to de-grade them. I looked at them furiously while the chef (the lady in the kitchen which we can see through the cooking area) apologized with sign language. My food only came in after 25 minutes. The lady came out from the kitchen and apologized, saying that the computer system was corrupted and thus made the orders went wrongly. She also tried to find out if the food tasted good. Our first thought then was “but there were only three tables of customers.” I quickly ate the food – I ordered black pepper pork rice, which I felt was high in seasoning and tasted normal. Nevertheless, the pork was thick enough. On the other hand, hubby thought his nissin noodle was more like instant noodle.


As I was completing my meal, I observed that the chef or probably the café owner was concern about the food quality. She spoke to the other customers and trying to find feedback so that she can improve.


We made our meal payment, which cost slightly under RM25 for two set meals (as the computer system went down, we couldn’t have a copy of the receipt). The price was at par with other cafes. As we were walking off again, the lady kept apologizing and then thanked us. Initially, as I was furious about the late order, I did made a pledge with hubby for not going to come – especially when the food tasted just average. However, the sincerity shown by the lady on the error has sort of touched me. In addition, after going home, I did not felt “thirsty” at all, which meant there wasn’t much seasonings used anyway. Well, I have “forgiven” them – but they need improvement on providing baby chairs.

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