Great finger food for breakfast – baked banana oatmeal!

1451581_10201682131127888_282329093_nGreat finger food for breakfast – baked banana oatmeal!

Steps & ingredients :
1. Mixed one cup of wheatgerm and one cup of grind oats together. (mixed dry stuff)
2. In a separate bowl, mash 2 banana.
3. Mix in the mixed dry stuff to the mashed banana.
4. Add in two teaspoons virgin coconut oil.
5. Mix all ingredients until form batter.
6. Scoop one tablespoon on the aluminium foil.
7. Bake in a pre-heated oven of 220 degree for about 15 min.
8. Cool down and serve. Remainder can store in fridge (best to consume within 3 days, I guess).


*little 17chipmunks is 10.5 mo and she loves it because banana is sweet.
* The baked banana oatmeal appears spongy.
* To avoid the baked banana oatmeal to stick on the aluminium foil, grease it virgin coconut oil.

little 17chipmunks’s glass noodle soup


1. Double boiled soup – ingredients are red radish, Green radish, pork rib meat, wolfberries & red dates – for 2 hours
2. Soak glass noodle in hot water (cut the glass noodle)
3. Boil the double boiled soup
4. Add in the glass noodle, steam pieces of chicken & chopped bok choy; wait till boiled
5. Cool down before serving

Everyday is a milestone!


I have not posted something on breastfeeding for sometime due to the rush hours and that lo has already started on solid, I had another challenge to handle – preparation of her food. Given that I am taken ill yesterday and had to stay home (while lo is at nanny’s for the day), I felt like posting to encourage average yielding mum not to give up!


My yield has been always 3-4 oz each 3-4 hours pump (average yielder, I guess). At most, I would only get 5 oz (only if I had to drag to 5 hours pump). Nothing I eat could boost my supply (only made me FAT)! I had to overcome issues like non-sense comments such as “you manage to pump so little only ah?” when seeing my yield or at each point of meeting, saying “you still got milk ah?”, the workplace sharing surau issue for pumping, some people also directed me to pump in the toilet, lower yield due to sickness/work stress coupled with rush hours, nanny wasting my breastmilk and etc.


The good news is that my 10 months and 17 days old lo is still fully breastfed. In addition, I still could stock pile for emergency (to the extent I had expired milk for lo’s milk spa)! In fact, I am contemplating to be a milk mother when I turn a stay-at-home-mum in February (if the stocks are still there since lo will be at home latching and no longer be with the nanny’s).


Sometimes I also questioned myself “How did I do it?”.


So, what’s the secret of success? There’s no secret to it but –

(1)    Never give up

(2)    Be consistent in direct latching (but this also depends on little one)

(3)    Hardworking to pump when away from lo (or when lo doesn’t want to direct latch) – every 3-4 hours, which include at least one midnight pump

(4)    Make every drop counts

(5)    Invest in a good pump  (I am using Medela Freestyle)

(6)    Hubby’s support


Gambateh mummies!



Tofu and egg yolk oats with mustard leaves for my 10.5 month old


Made tofu and egg yolk oats with mustard leaves for my 10.5 month old yesterday night. I stir fried the ingredients as I realised she likes the garlic fragrance.

Steps and ingredients :
1. Stir fry minced garlic in olive oil.
2. Add in two tablespoons of silken tofu. Add some water.
3. After it has come to a boil, add in 3 tablespoons grind oats.
4. Add in chopped mustard leaves (i.e sawi) and stir till it boils.
5. Add in one egg yolk and stir till it is fully cooked.
6. Cool down and serve.

*my lo has passed the tests on all ingredients used.

Rainbow Hotel Cameron Highlands

Not long ago, hubby planned a family trip to Cameron Highlands. It was a “peak” season given that it was a public holiday on a Tuesday and when many took off on Monday. As it was a rather last minute plan, most hotels are fully booked. We resorted to Rainbow Hotel, which is located in the town centre in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.


Hubby made the booking via Agoda. For a superior twin, it costs RM180. Upon arrival at the hotel lobby, we gave our confirmation ID, which was # 37461419. We were given the keys of the room, which located at the first floor. We were abit upset that the room was two separate single beds, instead of one master bed. And since it was a peak season, we could not change our room. And, the receptionist said that they process following our orders from Agoda. We actually did not specify our requirements in our booking.


The room comes without fan and air cond. It was rather creepy and little 17chipmunks were not too comfortable in the room (as she woke up several times at night – she slept with me on the single bed). No parking provided, and with the peak season, we have resorted to parking uphill. Fortunately, we could watch our car from the back window, as our room is facing the back. The basics like refrigerator, water boiler, water glasses, television with selected satellite tv channels and etc. were provided.


Good point is that we could walk down easily to have steamboat for dinner and we can walk to their weekend night markets easily. No breakfast provided – and the breakfast in the town itself is rather limited – just at the mamak stall.


Overall, we rate the hotel as low average good. We certainly prefer Hotel Titiwangsa, which we stayed there during our first honeymoon trip 2 years back where parking and breakfast is provided. Sadly, it was fully booked during this trip.


little 17chipmunks in the hotel room

Fish and bok choy oat for 10.5 month old little 17chipmunks

The fish I used is threadfin or in Cantonese, it is called “mah yau yu”. It will take some effort to skin the fish and get the flesh out (deboning the fish).
Other ingredients and steps:
1. Prepare a handful amount of fish flesh, minced garlic, minced ginger and chopped bok choy.
2. Heat the olive oil and then stir fry the minced garlic and ginger until fragrant.
3. Add in the fish flesh. Stir fry for 3 minutes.
4. Add in the bok choy. Stir fry for another 2 minutes.
5. Remove all the stir fried ingredients and set aside.
6. In hot water, cook the grind oats.
7. Add in the stir fried ingredients. Stir until they are mixed nicely.
8. Cool down and serve.

“Priceless” toy for little 17chipmunks


A major portion of little 17chipmunks’s toys are gifted – either new or second hand. We, ourselves, though we would love to, have restrained from buying too many toys for her. We know she will soon outgrown it.


Nevertheless, we have resorted to giving her some used items to play with. One of them is the Farm Fresh Yogurt (1.5kg) bucket. This is also because she consumes yogurt on the daily basis since 8 months old. We initially bought the smaller Tupperware of yogurt (400g), which cost not more than RM6. Given that little 17chipmunks is consuming yogurt everyday, we resorted to buying the 1.5kg bucket, which cost less than RM16, which is also more worth it. Now, we are into the 3rd bucket. And this means that we have two empty buckets. We gave it to little 17chipmunks and she seems to enjoy this “priceless” toy. It is a little pail to her.

Steam egg yolk tofu oats in chicken stock


Don’t waste the chicken stock from steam chicken (steam chicken was with wolfberries and red dates only – made for little 17chipmunks as well):

So, 10.5 mo little 17chipmunks had steam egg yolk tofu oats in chicken stock:

Just steam 10 minutes the mixture of one egg yolk, 2 tablespoons silken tofu, chicken stock from one steam chicken thigh and 2 teaspoon grind oats.

*can add in the steam chicken meat if you want

Healthy + she finished everything!!

Homemade vegetable nugget for my 10.5mo


Wanted to make this “homemade vegetable nugget” for sometime after seeing someone posted on it. I modified the recipe based on the ingredients that my 10.5 mo has tested and passed on.

Ingredients & steps:
1. Dice sweet potato, holland potato & carrot. Steam them for 20 minutes.
2. After they have cooled down, mashed them with a fork.
3. Add in shredded (Cheddar) cheese and virgin coconut oil. Mix them well.
4. Roll them into balls.
5. Coat them firstly in egg yolk & then grind oat.
6. Leave them alone for at least 5 minutes (if not they won’t stick together).
7. Heat some virgin coconut oil and pan fried it (initially, wanted to bake them in oven; but I tried few pieces, it does not work well).
8. Cool down before serving.

*Thought it could be a finger food; unfortunately it got mashed up easily by lo’s hand grip. =.=” Luckily, she still enjoys eating them.
*Did not want to use bread crumbs as the one I have in my kitchen, contains salt.
*The amount of ingredients depends on how much you intend to make.
*No added seasoning.

Return visits to Dr Cheng Seong Wai of Klink Kanak-Kanak Cheng @ Kelana Business Avenue

20131005_105306Photo: little 17chipmunks during her last visit to Dr Cheng’s clinic in early October 2013

Though I have made a critic about Dr Cheng on my first visit to his clinic because he wasn’t breastfeeding friendly, we made numerous return visits to the clinic. Given that he sense that I did not like him for being breastfeeding friendly, I think he had tried being breastfeeding friendly now to us.

Why do we return to him? For a very simple reason, he is very thorough in his checkups. In numerous occasions, we have waited for him like an hour – because of the long queue. I supposed his thorough checkups on little ones made most parents return to him. His consultation fees is reasonable. Maybe a little setback from his visit is his “liking” to prescribe medicine to little ones. However, on second thought, though we want our little ones to use their own antibody to fight through illness, do we want them to suffer longer? A very good case – little 17chipmunks suffered longer for her blocked nose and phlegm – because we did not take Dr Cheng’s advice to give her a stronger antibiotic after a mild one did not killed off the virus. We only started little 17chipmunks on the new antibiotic after a week or two. We prolonged her illness and she suffered. We are still not sure if we made the right decision. Nevertheless, she is all well now!

Another plus point from Dr Cheng is he follow up personally with a call after three days of visit. We were surprised that he is taking this effort. In fact, I missed his call once and he smsed me. I did replied him. Then, on the occasion when little 17chipmunks did not recover just a day she completed the antibiotic, I sms-ed Dr Cheng if I need to bring her to him for another visit. To my surprise, he did replied. Well done on this.

One setback is the clinic’s location – where parking is difficult. Due to competition with the hospital located at the same area – i.e. Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, Dr Cheng is giving a RM3 cash rebate on parking.