Penang Fruit Rojak at Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights


It was in the news recently that the stretch of shops at Jalan Batai will be “relocated” by end of December. Basically, the developer is taking over the place to build something more of commercial value to them. Having heard colleagues saying that the truck that sells Penang Fruit Rojak is very tasty and supported by facts over the internet, I think it is time to try it. It is located just outside of Restoran Seng Lee, where the famous char kuay teow is.


Under the hot sun, I made my order with the lady boss and waited for around 20 minutes for it. A small pack (with sauce mixed into it) costs RM5, while a big pack costs RM6. If you want the sauce to be separated, there will be an extra RM1 charge. Verdict: It tastes really delicious; and it is worth the wait!


To get your order done fast, I realised that you need to sweet talk the lady boss or be a long term customer with them (which I think it is really unfair for some to just cut queue) or be a constant reminder – by standing near them. There was no proper queue system as it merely relies on their memory.  


Anyway, they will be relocated soon.

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