Bread stick for 10.75 month old


Lately, my 10.75 mo fuses when I feed her cereal/porridge/oats but alright when given finger food that include fruits. So, I thought of giving her bread. Due to tight schedule and no bread maker at home, I bought this Adventis 3-seeds sprouted bread – i am satisfied with the ingredients used (except for honey) and it is egg less. It costs about RM6.50 per loaf and claims that it can be freeze for 3 months. So how did I prepared it for lo?

1. Remove the skins of the bread.
2. With clean fingers, press the bread.
3. Spread a spoon of puree onto the bread (I used pear puree)
4. Toast it for 15 minutes about 150 degree celcius (to harden it – as teether, microwave it for a minute, medium high)

Baby enjoys eating it!

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