Baked oatmeal banana with cheese


Baked oatmeal banana with cheese – self-invented again; thought of it during my lunch break. I was all excited to try it out but found myself stuck in the jam. Came home about 15 min later than usual, but rushed to bake this before picking my 10 mo from the neighbourhood nanny. Glad that she loves it!

Ingredients and steps:
1. Mix 3 table spoons grind oat, one egg yolk, handful of (Cheddar) cheese and one tablespoon water together.
2. Slice the ripe banana (I used about 2 banana)
3. Coat the sliced banana with the mixture.
4. Put one drop of virgin coconut oil on each coated slice of banana.
5. Heat the oven at around 180 F.
6. Bake for 10 minutes.
7. Cool down before serving.

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