Double boiled mixed grains chicken & dried scallop porridge served with bok choy


Mixed grains used: Brown Rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and Red lentils (all one table spoon and soak for more than 12 hours)

1. Mixed all the soaked grains into the ceramic bowl
2. Put in one chicken drumstick
3. Add in washed wolfberries, Red dates & dried scallop
4. Add water until it covers the chicken
5. Double boil with low heat for 2.5 hours (but I think this is a bit too long as chicken appears over cooked)
6. Remove chicken and make it into smaller pieced
7. Chopped one stem of bok choy, either steam or boil it
8. Scoop the amount of porridge, top up with the chicken slices & bok choy
9. Ready to serve

No need seasoning, as it is naturally sweet. I had it for my breakfast too!

**Had to put little 17chipmunks into the market basket as hubby is away for business trip; and she is disturbing me in the kitchen

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