Sunway Pyramid Preferred Parking


As seen in the link here: , Sunway Pyramid is making a special gift to customers who spend above RM100 in a single receipt any of its outlet. The offer which valids from 20 Sept to 31 Dec, entitles you to a free touch n go card, with a Preferred Parking logo on it. The touch n go card, which is priced RM10 in the market, is loaded with RM10 as well. Well, that’s a 20% off (from a RM100 spent). I have used the touch n go card for the first time on Monday, and it is indeed loaded with RM10.


For parking at the Preferred Parking, you are required to load the card with at least RM30. The Preferred Parking, which is available from 1 Dec, will be located at CP2.

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