Second online purchase with

I made my second purchase with back in May. I wanted to get Medela Storage Bottles with hardlids ONLY + Medela Freestyle tubing. I purchased them in case if my existing tubing goes faulty and I need to replace my Medela storage bottles soon.


Similar to previously, I searched on the blog for the items that I was interested in. I then send an email to the seller to check on its availability. Once replied, the money was transferred to the seller. I gave the seller my transaction details and also contact details (in late morning).


The total costs: RM143

Medela Storage 5oz RM62/set of 3 bottles

Medela Freestyle tubing RM75

Poslaju RM6


Well, this time I did not have to chase the seller via email. The items were sent and arrived to me the next day during lunch time. Coincidently I went on emergency leave the day when the items arrived. My colleague had a hand on the items.


Why do I continue to purchase from It isn’t easy to find the spare parts of Medela brand unless we go to their outlet in Menara UOA, Bangsar. I even tried looking for its spare parts during one of the baby fairs and the promoter referred me to their office in Menara UOA. While they are spare parts of Medela brand sold in some baby outlets, I still find it impossible to find the Medela Freestyle tubing.

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