Dr Syed Nazir of Kelana Jaya Medical Centre


Little 17chipmunks was assigned Dr Syed Nazir as the pediatrician upon delivery. Well, we got to meet Dr Syed on the day we were going home – and it was a rush meet up, where we were going back home – he came to our room but I was in the toilet and he was supposed to come back, but no where to be seen until we were going off. It was a speedy explanation on that day and we were supposed to come back in 5 days time or so.


We returned to see Dr Syed as per the appointment. Well, for his appointments, sms will be sent to us to remind us – that is a service. However, upon arrival at his clinic, we were greeted by his rather unfriendly nurses. They are totally opposite of the nurses at Dr Fatima’s clinic. Compared to Dr Cheng of Klinik Kanak-Kanak Cheng, Dr Syed is less detail in his checking of the baby and thus, the waiting time is shorter compared to Dr Cheng.


But, one thing which I am agreeable to Dr Syed – he encourages breastfeeding – though he will say top up formula milk IF there is insufficient breastmilk. He knows that exclusively fed babies should not be taking water. There is also a nursery at his clinic – where we could breastfeed our babies while waiting (which we did for few occasions).


Initially, when we relate to Dr Syed that little 17chipmunks’ stomach is rather bloated, he was relating that it was because of the still growing muscle. However, when we went to seek Dr Cheng’s advice, it was wind in the stomach. Then, we relate to Dr Syed about Dr Cheng’s advice – he then changed his opinion – and agreeing that it was part of the cause of colic. Aside from the gripe water given by Dr Cheng, Dr Syed, initially, recommended another medicine – which was Cuplaton – which helped abit initially. When her colic got worse, Dr Syed recommended probiotics – which actually helped. Crossing our fingers, little 17chipmunks seems to have recovered from colic. According to Dr Syed, there are studies made that probiotics could help colicky babies and proven works. On the other hand, no studies done on Dentinox (gripe water) and Cuplaton on how it helps colic. However, probiotics seems the last resort – and it is quite pricey. But, we are grateful that little 17chipmuks has been feeling better – though there is still wind in her stomach and she has to fart out each time.


Eventually – Between Dr Syed and Dr Cheng (location of the clinics is the same – Kelana Business Avenue), we choose to do vaccination for little 17chipmunks with Dr Syed – because Dr Syed’s clinic is rather proven and receipts are printed accordingly – while Dr Cheng seems to be “dodgy” when it comes to payment – where payment has to be made to him directly and handwritten receipts are given. Nevertheless, we will still keep both Dr Syed and Dr Cheng as our pediatrician – as they are nearest to us and important in case of emergencies.


During little 17chipmunks’ last vaccination, we went to Dr Syed on a Friday night. We were surprised that there were so many patients. In addition, the clinic still accepts patients even though it was way after 9pm. Now, we know why the nurses are rather unfriendly – because they had to come to work again the next morning.


One setback – I think Dr Syed’s clinic is rather stuffy especially when there are a lot of patients. In addition, the toilet at the clinic is not very hygiene.  I would also certainly be happier if his nurses are friendlier to us. Dr Syed, himself, is a friendly doctor though.


Eat and Drink All You Can @ Maiu Restaurant, Sri Petaling


Mother-in-law has offered to look after little 17chipmunks half day on last Saturday. Hubby and I finally had a date lunch alone since the birth of little 17chipmunks. Hubby brought me to Maiu Restaurant located at Sri Petaling. He has actually passed by this restaurant couple of times during his lunch time and noticed that they have this “Eat and Drink All You Can” buffet at about RM38. Setback – it is quite difficult to find parking spot even on weekend; can’t imagine if it is on weekday – during lunch hours.


Upon arrival, the new banner displayed shows that the buffet price has increased to RM43.80. We decided to go ahead since we were already there and the price is actually cheaper than Jogoya Japanese Buffet. We were brought to the Sushi Bar, as the table for two was reserved. There were few tables reserved for lunch too. We were then asked if we would like to have buffet or ala carte, which we chose the former.


We were given a list (which is their buffet menu) for us to tick on the dishes we wanted. It was a buffet where we place order and the food is freshly served. There was also a notice saying that there’s a fine for “over” ordering. Well, we do enjoy the buffet. As I am breastfeeding my bay, I foregone sashimi but hubby has it – and said it was fresh. Excluding the ocha (green tea), we made 34 orders – and calculating the prices through the ala carte menu – we would have paid more than RM200 (however, hubby opines that the ala carte menu prices seem to be overpriced). Environment is quite conducive for dating.


Having buffet at Maiu Restaurant at RM43.80 is definitely more worthy than the buffet we had at Jogoya at RM78. A word of advise: to accompany your buffet order, do have their ala carte menu along – as the buffet order slip is written in Japanese language (unless you do know how to read Japanese). Service wise – they are ok; in addition- there was one order – Onigiri, which we initially ordered; the waitress saw that we were overloaded and had the courtesy to ask if we still want the order – as it is quite filling.


Photo ready for collection from EyeCapStudio.com


After selecting the photos, we waited for quite some time for our maternity photos. We were also informed via email that certain dates (during the Christmas 2012 break) they are closed. Finally, on Dec 28, which was a day before little 17chipmunks was born, the email saying that the photo is ready for collection came.  At that time, we choose to pick up the photos from the studio. However, we were too busy with little 17chipmunks arrival.


It was until end of February that we remembered that we had these photos for collection. We then decided to pay them a courier fee of RM10 for postage instead of collection. I wrote them an email that we prefer it to be sent via courier and ready to incur the RM10 charges. It took them few days before they responded with their bank account details. I made the transfer and told them to send me the tracking code, which they only did on the day the courier arrived.


Well, it was very normal touch up on the photos. After this experience, hubby is doubting if we should purchase discounted photoshoot from discount sites.

Online purchase with mumnbaby.com


I have been using bumble bee milk storage bottles (which we bought from the stall outside of My Dear Warehouse sale) to store expressed breastmilk. There were only 10 bottles, which I feel insufficient especially if I were to store milk when I am away from home and also it was rather troublesome to needing to wash the bottles frequently to fill up expressed breast milk (well, not that I have a lot of expressed breast milk, but however much it is, breast milk can only be mixed when they are in the same temperature).


I oversaw the post in The Breastfeeding Advocates Network that mumnbaby.com was offering bumble bee milk storage bottles, RM48 for 20 bottles. It obviously attracted me and I wanted to get it, especially since the coming week, my mother in law has offered to look after little 17chipmunks  during weekend– and I had to store breast milk accordingly for her to feed and at the same time, I would still have to pump my milk and store when I am away from little 17chipmunks. Thus, the decision to buy took effect on last Thursday morning.


In their website, it was clearly stated the delivery charges. So, without hesitation, I made the purchase after signing up in the website. Similarly, a tracking email was sent to me. I made the payment through Maybank 2u transfer (RM48 plus RM6 for delivery charge). I re-emailed them the transaction slip and asked to pass me the tracking number. They are using Kangaroo Express courier service for delivery and they are located in Penang. Few hours later, they emailed me the confirmation and gave me the tracking number as well. The goods arrived quite early in the morning the next day. It was packed in a box.


Well, I am satisfied with the purchase. They even gave an official receipt in the parcel.


As posted by some members of The Breastfeeding Advocates Network, the recent Motherhood Expo held between 1-3 March 2013 in KLCC Convention Centre, mybbstore was selling the bumble bee milk storage bottle, 10 for RM22. It was RM2 cheaper and no need for courier fee – however, taking into account the trouble of going there and parking, I think it made more sense to buy through online. In addition, with little 17chipmunks around, movement has been difficult.