Mamy Poko Jumbo Size at RM41.80 @ Tesco


Ever since the incident in Tesco Mutiara Damansara, I did pledged that I would not step into that particular Tesco for purchases. I even cancelled my own membership by cutting off the card. However, since the opening of Tesco Hypermarket in the nearest mall at our place, for convenience sake, we have frequented by at Tesco. In fact, hubby signed up for the membership. Well, I realized that “what we pay is what we get” and practiced “let go”. One of the most annoying things about Tesco membership is their constant sms about their weekly promotion. However, this week, hubby received a sms, which is really of good to us – Mamy Poko Jumbo Size is going out at RM41.80, instead of their normal pricing RM49.90 – which saved us RM8.10 each pack. In fact, the last purchase at Jusco Sunway Pyramid cost us RM44.99.


As we were frequenting that mall on this particular day, we grabbed two packs of the Mamy Poko Jumbo Size. This is of course great savings for us – as little 17chipmunks is particularly fussy when it comes to diaper.

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