Clarins RM25 voucher and 50% off for services/products at Clarins for purchase of Hydra products


It was in January that Rachel from Clarins, The Curve gave me a call. She told me that I have a RM25 voucher, which  did not know why I was given that voucher. That time, I was still under confinement. It was during CNY that we dropped over at Clarins, The Curve. I thought I could utilize it on that day by opting their eye brow trimming service. Nevertheless, the beauticians were busy and schedules are packed. So, I did not manage to use the voucher. I was told that the voucher was given because I purchased products/ services of more than RM500. I received the same voucher last year.


I only managed to use the voucher last week after making an early appointment in early March. I was served by Mandy and a thorough skin analysis was done before she starting on treatment. This time round I no longer need the detox skin spa, but the moisture replenisher treatment as my skin is a little dry, according to Mandy. Before she started the treatment, she also told me that they are having promotion on whitening treatment. Nevertheless, I opted for the moisture replenisher treatment instead. The treatment was well done and her service is good as usual.


After the treatment, Mandy told me that I should be switching from Matte products to Hydra products because my skin is no longer oily but dehydrated. She introduced to me the Hydra Quench Serum, which cost RM200. She actually gave me this sample long time ago. I was abit hesitant at first until she told me that when I purchase any Hydra products this month(?) I could enjoy 50% of for services/ products. Hence, the skin spa treatment will be half the price (instead of RM228, it becomes RM114. A total savings of RM114. Then, with the RM25 voucher, I would just have to pay RM289.


A check on, the Hydra Quench Serum is going for RM189.50, which is RM10.50 cheaper. But for better savings of RM114, it is worth getting it from Clarins outlet.


My bad that I did not ask when the promotion will last. No clear signage that this promotion is on until I was told.



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