Bargain buys at Parents, Kids and Baby Expo in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 22 to 24 March 2013


This is a rather low profile Parents, Kids and Baby Expo. If I did not see the banner during my last visit to Sunway Pyramid, I would not have known that this expo is happening. So, we were there since it is a day out with little 17chipmunks anyway. As expected, the crowd wasn’t there. Simple registration, where contact information, needed for a little goodie bag. We just browse through most of the booths – which seems to sell breast pumps like Medela and Avent, which I don’t need now as the existing one is still good. There were also baby clothing, which did not catch my interest because little 17chipmunks has a little skin sensitive that she cannot simply wear “cheap” clothes. There were also maternity and nursing clothings plus nursing bras – which I already have.


Things that caught my attention:


  1. Pigeon breast pads – first time seeing 60pads in one box. And, two boxes going for RM55; which comes to RM0.45 each pad.


This is compared to getting 36 pads in one box – two boxes for RM36 at Babyland, SS2 – which comes to RM0.50 each pad.


Savings are RM0.05 x 120 = RM6


This from the online store

20130325_0955232. Autumnz Breastmilk storage bag – RM9 per box, compared to getting from Babyland, SS2 – 2 boxes for RM22.90


Savings of RM22.90 x 2 – RM36 = RM9.80


This is from One Baby World booth.


From the expo, I managed to save RM15.80 for the miscellaneous things that I bought.


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