FREE samples at Mamy Poko’s Diaper Changing Booth at Jaya Jusco, Sunway Pyramid.


After all the price comparisons made for different kind of diapers, we realise that it was “useless”, as at the end, it depends on the comfort of our baby on accepting the diapers. Little 17chipmunks’ diaper of choice is Mamy Poko, which is currently the higher price range diaper of all the brands available. To ensure her comfort, we have to follow her choice.


We were to buy Mamy Poko and was told that Jusco actually offer the cheapest price (but not how sure it was). We were at Sunway Pyramid’s Jaya Jusco and spotted the Diaper Changing Booth. However, since we just changed little 17chipmunks’ diaper before we came down to the supermarket, we just grabbed two packs of 72 pieces, S size diaper (at RM44.99 each) for her. Later, we were chased by the promoter who asked me to come back to her after making payment for the diaper, as she will be giving me samples.


So, after the payment, we went to the booth. I was required to fill up some personal details like name, baby ‘s age, baby size and contact information before I was handed two packs of Mamy Poko pants – Easy Fit Pants and Extra Soft pants, one respectively.


I went to their facebook and realized that they are on a road show on this for few shopping malls – in its Jusco department for certain dates. If your baby uses Mamy Poko, don’t miss it!




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