Eat and Drink All You Can @ Maiu Restaurant, Sri Petaling


Mother-in-law has offered to look after little 17chipmunks half day on last Saturday. Hubby and I finally had a date lunch alone since the birth of little 17chipmunks. Hubby brought me to Maiu Restaurant located at Sri Petaling. He has actually passed by this restaurant couple of times during his lunch time and noticed that they have this “Eat and Drink All You Can” buffet at about RM38. Setback – it is quite difficult to find parking spot even on weekend; can’t imagine if it is on weekday – during lunch hours.


Upon arrival, the new banner displayed shows that the buffet price has increased to RM43.80. We decided to go ahead since we were already there and the price is actually cheaper than Jogoya Japanese Buffet. We were brought to the Sushi Bar, as the table for two was reserved. There were few tables reserved for lunch too. We were then asked if we would like to have buffet or ala carte, which we chose the former.


We were given a list (which is their buffet menu) for us to tick on the dishes we wanted. It was a buffet where we place order and the food is freshly served. There was also a notice saying that there’s a fine for “over” ordering. Well, we do enjoy the buffet. As I am breastfeeding my bay, I foregone sashimi but hubby has it – and said it was fresh. Excluding the ocha (green tea), we made 34 orders – and calculating the prices through the ala carte menu – we would have paid more than RM200 (however, hubby opines that the ala carte menu prices seem to be overpriced). Environment is quite conducive for dating.


Having buffet at Maiu Restaurant at RM43.80 is definitely more worthy than the buffet we had at Jogoya at RM78. A word of advise: to accompany your buffet order, do have their ala carte menu along – as the buffet order slip is written in Japanese language (unless you do know how to read Japanese). Service wise – they are ok; in addition- there was one order – Onigiri, which we initially ordered; the waitress saw that we were overloaded and had the courtesy to ask if we still want the order – as it is quite filling.


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