Photo ready for collection from


After selecting the photos, we waited for quite some time for our maternity photos. We were also informed via email that certain dates (during the Christmas 2012 break) they are closed. Finally, on Dec 28, which was a day before little 17chipmunks was born, the email saying that the photo is ready for collection came.  At that time, we choose to pick up the photos from the studio. However, we were too busy with little 17chipmunks arrival.


It was until end of February that we remembered that we had these photos for collection. We then decided to pay them a courier fee of RM10 for postage instead of collection. I wrote them an email that we prefer it to be sent via courier and ready to incur the RM10 charges. It took them few days before they responded with their bank account details. I made the transfer and told them to send me the tracking code, which they only did on the day the courier arrived.


Well, it was very normal touch up on the photos. After this experience, hubby is doubting if we should purchase discounted photoshoot from discount sites.

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