Delight’s happy fullmoon gift


The little 17chipmunks has reached her one month old. We had a small party for her at Restoran Fong Yuan. Well, it was tiring for both the parents and the little one. The little one was totally stressed up after the event. Not only did she cried none stop, she had trouble sleeping at night and more traumatic – she vomited quite a lot. End up, I was too stressed up too. So, lesson learn – we probably will not have any full moon party or probably birthday party for our little one(s) in the future.


Since Restoran Fong Yuan serves non halal food, 17chipmunks could not invite her colleagues who don’t take pork. So, we decided on giving out fullmoon food gift – which is of course halal. We got to know about Delight’s happy fullmoon gift from their brochure, which was distributed during some events, from hubby’s colleague who sent this fullmoon gift before and also the widely used google search engine.


They have few sets of gifts and we can even customize it. The prices are also affordable. Honestly, the prices are cheaper than if we were to buy other gifts – such as chocolates. What attracted us was “pork free”.


I actually emailed them about the 3 days booking – whether is it normal 3 days or 3 working days. They replied in a day later, apologizing because they were little late – due to their internet problem. I also asked about the fullmoon gift card. We were supposed to order at least 10 boxes to get the gift cards free.


We decided on Set A1, which cost RM12.60 per box. Given that I have only 7 colleagues in my department and thinking of sending Dr Fatima and her nurses the gift pack as well, we ended up ordering 10 boxes, with 2 boxes free (so a total of 12 boxes). We opted to collect at their USJ branch – which is Lynn’s Café (as we did not hit their minimum purchase of RM200 or RM250). I emailed them my request and sent them a sms to tell them about it. I requested to insert a picture of little 17chipmunks in the gift card. I told them that I would collect the gifts at 10am on Jan 30. The day after, they rang me up to confirm the order. They also confirmed the ingredient of the ang-ku-kuih, which I told them to mix. The payment wise was cash/ cheque on delivery.


The day arrived. We were abit late to collect the gifts. But, it was all ready. Well, I personally am happy with the service. Hubby tasted the food (as I cannot take curry at this point of time due to exclusive breastfeeding) – and said that it was not too bad.

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