17chipmunks has been busy with the little one

IT has been a week since I posted something. Well, for one, I did not go out to consume things/ services during my confinement (so to say), so I have no reviews at the current moment. Secondly, I have been tired and couldn’t think of a topic or two to write. Finally, besides the colicky baby, I currently have a baby that is undergoing growth spurt. Never came into my mind that such thing could happen to babies, but after several researches – found that it is “normal” so to speak.


What happens during growth spurt? In the case of little 17chipmunks, she goes very hungry, very soon – that is almost every hour, every day, and luckily most of the time, it is just the day time. So, I am “stuck” with the baby sucking my breasts like almost an hour. Then, I need to burp and make her go to bed or play with her. It is really exhausting. It is more “frustrating” when she wants comfort sucking and did not let go. And, I did the most guilty thing – twice (sadly), I did scold her.  Well, she is such an innocent baby – and I think she didn’t want it to be so. My bad.


From the researches, it says that growth spurt lasts for a couple of days in five occasions during the first year. However, mine – don’t seem to “end”. But, good news is that she is growing healthily – from my exclusive breastfeeding. She has gained about 27% of her birth weight in 25 days and turn to an average size baby from a small size baby. I am proud of myself for being able to feed her well.


Currently, my little one has phlegm on her throat. Prays that she will be able to get rid of the phlegm soon.


And, yeah, she is going to reach her first month soon!


I am sharing her cheeky face here. I have fallen in love with my baby. ❤


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