Post delivery check up with Dr Fatima

On the day we went home, Dr Fatima has asked me to do a follow up check up with her in two weeks time. And, so, we had the appointment with Dr Fatima last Saturday (we brought forward the day of check up so that hubby can go to work on Monday). At the same time, we also brought little 17chipmunks for her follow up check up with Dr Syed. We knew that there would be a long wait at Dr Fatima’s clinic, so we took the queue number, which were 12 before proceeding to Dr Syed’s clinic. After the visit at Dr Syed’s clinic, the queue has merely moved to number 4. So, we waited almost 1 and half hours before my turn.

Once seeing Dr Fatima, she asked about “how’s life?”, which we told her a dramatic change. This is so true as we used to have breakfast at the mamak below the hospital on each visit at Dr Fatima’s clinic – but on that day, we woke up to get little 17chipmunks ready and had our breakfast at home.

We proceed to Dr Fatima looking at my wound. At the same time, she was glad that I was exclusively breastfed our baby and said once the first baby, I am able to do so – the second child will be easier. She also gave advice on how to store breast milk and so forth. I really like how she care and concern about her patient. After looking at the wound, she helped to clean up abit and told me to scrub away those “tread” that appear on top of the wound.


After cleaning up the wound, she spoke about family planning to us. She recommended that we should plan our family as soon as possible, as I am having endometriosis and also fibroid (size around 3-4cm), which hubby actually saw during the delivery process. However, since I had c-section, it is best to have our second child after two years – it is also so that attention can be given to little 17chipmunks, she says. We were introduced several prevention methods. She did not prescribed any medicine but wrote down the names for us – telling us that we can obtain those medicine from any pharmacy (meaning she is being independent with her advice). Given the presence of endometriosis in me, the best method for me, as per her suggestion, is to take Noriday, since I plan to breastfeed and so that I would not have problem conceiving in the future. At the end, she advised me to return for a paps smear test in two months time.

Well, I really appreciate and grateful to have Dr Fatima as my gynae – not only that she gave practical advices, she also indirectly saved little 17chipmunks’ life. So, gone are the days that we are going to do monthly visits at her clinic (except for the paps smear test). Despite the usual long wait at her clinic, I think I will miss her. Nevertheless, I will definitely have her as my long-term gynae. The charges are reasonable as well. Gone are the days when I will be doing annual paps smear test at PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic @ SS2, PJ.

For those interested:

If you plan to take hormone pills and do not plan to breastfeed, Dr Fatima recommends “Yasmin”.

If you plan to get hormone injection, which is 100% accurate, it will be RM60 per jab taken three times in a year.

If you plan to do hormone implant, it will be RM600 for a span of three years.

If you plan to insert an intrauterine device, it will be RM200.

The prices are as at Jan 2013 and at Dr Fatima’s clinic.

5 thoughts on “Post delivery check up with Dr Fatima

  1. Congrats. I had my 2 children at kelana Jaya with Dr Fatima as well. Not sure if she is the one you are talking about. Anyway, all the best to you looking after your little one. I fully breastfed my 2 children for a year, so keep up the good work !

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