Confinement food with Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd


It is my wish to handle my confinement period myself because I did not want to be obstructed to do things because of “tradition”. I had an open discussion in the TBAN facebook and was told that I had to at least have good and nutritious food during the one month period. And, someone by the name of Cathrine actually asked me to write to her if I were interested in confinement catering. Well, I wrote to her and the confinement food is under Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd. This is the first that I enquire actually. I also enquired with SHL Confinement Meal Services via Janet Chow in June.


Price comparison:

SHL Confinement Meal Services charges RM2,100 + RM400 delivery fee for 28 days or RM1,150 + RM200 delivery fee for 14 days

Optional: Just add on RM180 if you wish to have 14 days of Vitality Drinks (1.5L per day) or RM330 for 28 days.




Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd charges RM1,350 for 14 days, which include transportation fee and vitality drinks or RM2,500 for 28 days, , which include transportation fee and vitality drinks


At the end, I choose Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd, as I find it is possible to negotiate the terms with Cathrine.


Before I officially made the confirmation, I wrote down the terms and pre-agreed before I made the transfer of deposits. I wrote the email:


I would like to confirm my booking:


HW Confinement Menu (with pork liver and intestines) for 14 day, 2 meals per day includes 2 mains, 2 veg, herbal soup & tea (food does not include rice) @ RM 1350


with the following conditions:


·         Payment of 50% (RM675) as deposit to CIMB, Ac No: 1471-000-4331-055, Name: Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd.

·         Remaining (RM675) to be paid upon first delivery of food.

·         I would be provided with receipts (either soft or hard copy) for each payment made.

·         The total payment is inclusive of transportation charges.

·         I would need to provide at least two days advance notice before the food to be delivered on the first day.

·         With the flexibility to extend to 28 days on Day 7 – by paying the additional RM1,150 (which is the difference of RM2,500 and RM1,350).

·         In the case where I do not wish to extend to 28 days, I would need to complete the remaining days (of the 14 days) without refund.

·         Provide Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd two(2) days notice for the first delivery of food

o   Contact point: Cathrine (XXX)

o   My estimated due date: 4 Jan 2013

·         Delivery address: XXX

·         Contact numbers: XXX

·         Delivery to door step.

·         Food packaging: Food delivered in tiffin carrier provided by Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness.

·         Estimated daily time of delivery: Between 10am and 1pm.

·         Terms if there’s failure to deliver in any one day during the said period: Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness will replace the day that food is not delivered. Usually if there is a public holiday Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness do not deliver and will just replace the day. However, 1st Jan is an exception.


Kindly revert with “Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness agrees with the terms” before I made the deposit transfer. Thanks a lot.


–          – –

And soon after the email confirmation, I transferred the deposit amount to the company’s account. On the day of delivery, coincidently, Cathrine sent me a sms wishing me for a smooth delivery. I told her that I would be going for emergency c-section, and supposed to get home after 3 days and asked if hubby needed to re-confirm with her again, which she responded by saying it would be better to confirm.


As I was still in pain, we could not really confirm the date when we will be going home. So, instead of giving a day in advance notice, hubby actually called Cathrine if it is possible for food delivery the day after, which was possible. And, so, the delivery of food began on 1 January 2013.


The food is delivered by Tracey,who actually cooked the food. She comes around 12.30pm (sometimes hubby got inpatient, and called Cathrine/ her to ask her whereabout). We were rather surprised that instead of just delivering the food, Tracey actually stepped into the house to see the baby and see my condition; in addition to find out if there’s anything that I don’t consume. Overtime, I find that she became kind of nosy, giving me a lot of traditional advice, which I wished to avoid at the first place.


After consuming the food for 7 days – well, I find it overall – average. What’s different is their soup and vitality drinks. The food wise – such as pork, chicken, fish and vege – well, they are more or less economy rice kind of food served – but with more ginger or tailor-designed for confinement. We decided to extend it – as we want to save the hassle of someone handling my food – not that they are above average (seriously). Is it worth the price? Well, difficult to say – about RM80-RM100 per day, well, taking into consideration of their profiting motive and also transportation fee – well, I think it should be bearable, but hubby seems not too agree with it.


In my confirmation sms to Cathrine, I did drop her a note that I would prefer if Tracey could nag me less, though I could understand her well intention. Eventually, Tracey did tone down.


Well, today is the 11th day, there will be another 17 days of food catering for me. We did not notify her that we would be away for some days – possibly back to in laws – and if we could replace the dates – which Cathrine mentioned the possibility with early notice to Tracey. Well, one thing for sure – they could adjust to my request accordingly. When I did not like the ikan haruan, hubby just told her off and she says that she will adjust accordingly. Also, when the portion isn’t sufficient, hubby just informed them.

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