Dr Cheng Seong Wai of Klink Kanak-Kanak Cheng @ Kelana Business Avenue is NOT advocating exclusive breastfeeding


Yesterday was a rather tough day – little 17chipmunks was not feeling particularly well. She was wailing whenever I put her down. I let her suckle my breast for more than an hour, but there wasn’t anything else that I could do to calm her down. Then when I was trying to burp her, noticed some rashes around her shoulder and neck; became a little panic. I immediately informed hubby about that and according to his colleagues that recently gave birth to babies – they are normal. Later on, my mum came to visit little 17chipmunks and we noticed that the rashes were getting worse – we decided to send her to Dr Syed. Nevertheless, upon arrival at Dr Syed’s office, we were told that he will only be available in the evening. Given that there is a paediatrician below KJMC, we decided to proceed to the clinic.


The clinic’s opening hour for the noon session is 2.30pm to 4.30pm. However, we were early, that is 2pm. We were allowed in to the clinic by the nurse/ assistant. A simple form was filled. We were told that Dr Cheng will be back by 2.45pm. We waited till 3pm only Dr Cheng returned – and hubby managed to rush to the clinic. Seriously, the doctor is not punctual, and he called back to say he will be back in 2 minutes; but it was instead 20 minutes later.

Well, Dr Cheng did do a detailed check up on little 17chipmunks. He diagnosed the little one as having heat rashes (which was obviously to me – as both my mum and mum-in-law wanted us to swaddle the baby though the baby obviously did not like and felt hot). He did other check up – and said that baby has sensitive nose and stomach was bloated with air (his diagnosis is rather more Chinese diagnosis). We told him about baby’s often hiccup – and he explained some crap – and I told him I wanted to exclusively breastfeed the baby (and he seems to ignore that). He says that baby needs to drink some water after the breastmilk. Does he know what exclusive breastfeeding is? I got quite agitated – because of his “stupidness” and my tiredness. I said right in front of him that “I won’t be giving her water”. He responded by saying “what’s wrong with water?” and he said that rudely to me. I told him again about “exclusive breastfeeding” but he was just again ignorant or has need not heard about it? If not of hubby’s trying to comfort me, I think a commotion will probably happen.

The medicine and payment were given and paid in his room – not like usual clinics. He doesn’t seem to be a Western medical practitioner – his practice seems emphasise more on Chinese traditions – which again annoyed me – talking about not possible for mother to drink water but the Chinese herbal drinks. It makes no sense when he asked what’s wrong with water for the baby and then now insisted that mummy not drinking water.

Well, overall, though he did diagnose some of the things correctly, I did not like his attitude towards the traditional way of confinement (while he should be more medical proven kind of doctor) and also his reaction against exclusive breastfeeding (still wonder if he knows what it means). I would return to this doctor if only we have an emergency; and unlikely to take him as our family paediatrician. And, we certainly did not like his unpunctuality.

For those who did not understand the reason why I am “against” feeding water to my little 17chipmunks, please refer to this article titled: “Guidelines for offering water to breastfed babies” at http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starting-solids/baby-water/

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3 thoughts on “Dr Cheng Seong Wai of Klink Kanak-Kanak Cheng @ Kelana Business Avenue is NOT advocating exclusive breastfeeding

  1. so far i’m having no problem with this doctor, i knew this doctor from my friend’s recommendation and for me personally he is the best..he saved my little kid from 40 degrees fever. so professional and know every single actions he did, he can show you the medicine and explained it well bout the taste of the medicine before . I’m impressed ! (obviously). I even googled his name and read a lot about good reviews on him. Maybe we have slight preferences, but one that called themselves as a doctor usually is not stupid..(my humble opinion). Maybe you can read this too http://pinkismyberry.blogspot.com/2012/12/klinik-pakar-kanak-kanak-dr-chengkelana.html. I’m happy the doctor is there for my kids.

  2. So far I have been to a few other pediatrician and non is able to give me the confidence as this doctor is able to. I have 2 kids and whenever they are not well, no matter where I take them be it a hospital or klinik or even a specialist, I will still have to go back to Dr Cheng then only they will be well. I am glad I found a good and reliable pediatrician like him.

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