Little 17chipmunks has come to the world

17chipmunks will probably have less time to blog in the month(s) ahead – as the little 17chipmunks has arrived.


On the day we went for our 40th week check up with Dr Fatima on 29 December, doctor found that the baby’s heartbeat seems abnormal through the ctg scan. Further examination on the ultrasound found that baby’s umbilical cord seems to be tangled. As a result, doctor has advised us to do an emergency c-section – this was really unexpected, as we actually planned for normal labour. Given that we had just had our breakfast before our appointment, I needed to wait for 4 hours before the emergency c-section can be done –scheduled at 1pm. I wasn’t even allowed to go home to pack my stuff – as the doctor says that she will be responsible if my water bag burst or anything happens to me during the time period. Therefore, I was admitted to the ward immediately while hubby went back to pack all the stuff and even called CyroCord’s Anny to inform her about the coming birth – so that she can make the necessary arrangements.


We opted for single room, which is relatively cheap – at RM165 (which is the price of double bed room if in Sime Darby Medical Centre). I was given the operation gown to put on. At around 12pm, the catheter tube that collects the urine was inserted into me (slight discomfort). I was then wheeled to the operation theatre with hubby coming along. Outside of the operation theatre, Dr Fatima asked hubby to put on the gown and also mask. I was then readied for the c-section, with the anaesthesiologist giving me the anesthesia – through my back spine – which I immediately felt “nothing” – lower half body. Dr Fatima then came in and told me that I would not feel anything except sensations like pulling and touching. My hubby was then called in to be along side me during the c-section.

Little 17chipmunks at birth 🙂 IMG-20121229-WA0001

The c-section was done and little 17chipmunks was born at 1.30pm. I can’t forget the sound of my baby first cry and hubby’s brave act of witnessing how the little one is being born. I will vividly remember in the rest of my life –  hubby’s coming to me saying that our baby is here.  Hubby then went with the baby – to make sure everything is fine.


The stem cell procedure was then performed before I was stitched. I was then sent back to my room. During the period before the anesthesia was going off, I really felt chill. And, after it went off, it was starting to be painful. I was giving painkillers – first day was injection and thereafter it was pills. I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. At first hubby wanted me to stay for another day as I was still in pain when getting up and walking around but Dr Fatima advised that it was normal and it was fine to go home. And, thus we went home with our baby on 31 December 2012.


The hospital bill came to around RM7,900. We were overall satisfied with Dr Fatima and the services of the hospital. And, the pricing, as far as I am concern is slightly cheaper than most other hospitals. The nurses at KJMC were mostly friendly and encouraged breastfeeding – so do Dr Fatima and the paediatric, Dr Syed. Most of them said that it is difficult to breastfeed fully on the first few days and advised us to top up above breastfeeding – which they did during my stay. My baby was brought to me whenever I requested and given the opportunity to suckle my breast – we were fortunate that little 17chipmunks is good in suckling.


Our little family has now been set up.

One thought on “Little 17chipmunks has come to the world

  1. Hi, I am an expecting mom. 33 weeks and everything is normal till now so I am all set for a normal delivery. However, I have come to know that KJMC and Dr Fatima’s most deliveries are ceasarians and all have mostly the same issue as in your case. I am worried coz I still have time and I can chose to go to a different doc or hospital. Plz suggest.

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