Maxis Stretch and Be Rewarded

Since using Whatsapp messenger to communicate with hubby, I have managed to maintain my phone bill consistently to not more than the post paid plan of RM30 and data plan of RM90. My phone bill has been consistently be around RM127.20.

Sometime in October, I received a sms saying that I will receive a rebate if I were to make further calls. Coincidently, in that month, I had to do tele-conference to US after office hours. As a result, my phone bill was stretched to RM 188.90.



I recently received my phone bill from Maxis and found that – they actually fulfilled what they promised. Under their “Stretch and Be Rewarded” campaign, I received a rebate of RM15, which lowered by phone bill for the month to RM111.30.


17chipmunks received “free lunch”


There’s actually “free lunch” in this century. I am fortunate to be the one who received it. It was last Monday that I wanted to get some kuih for my breakfast at the Soya Station truck located in from of Subway/ Watsons, Pusat Bandar Damansara. Noticing that I am pregnant, the Malay owner, who is a young guy, said that I can get free tau fu fah (soy bean pudding) from him everyday until I give birth. I really thought he was joking. But, I saw him packing one container of tau fu fah for me. I bought RM2 kuih from him – and he handed me the free tau fu fah. WOW! There was really a “free lunch” for me. What I was amazed was he wasn’t racist – we shared different race, but he treated me equally or should I say better than equal people because I was expecting. I am really grateful of this experience. . I did not have the guts to ask for free ones thereafter. So, I am not sure if his promise still valid.


Well, this is my first time tasting tau fu fah prepared by Malay. Truthfully, it wasn’t that good. It was slightly sour. Hopefully, it was just that day that it wasn’t that good. Wish him all the best in his business.


Dining at Taipei Walker @ Off Jalan Kuchai Lama


I have made my shortest hair cut since more than 10 years ago at e3 salon on last Saturday (in preparation for confinement period). Since the salon was packed, we decided to have our dinner earlier at Taiper Walker. The café has recently been renovated and menu has also been enhanced. We have actually been there twice or thrice before it was renovated. In fact, we thought it was closed down during its renovation.




The food and drink prices are as per normal café. For sets (but without drinks), the portion is larger than the sets at Umai Bento House – hubby says that he felt a pleasant feeling of fullness after the meal there. On the other hand, I ordered its pork salad green onion crepe, which was rather unique. To me, it seems like pork and salad wrapped with paratha (Indian flat bread). Well, it tasted good and the portion is just enough (not too full but can cover hunger) to me.


The café has a good environment, but a word of advice is not to sit next to the sliding door, as customers and waiters/ waitresses opening the sliding door – could make you feel the humid from outside. The place is also wifi-ed. Sadly, despite having less than half occupancy, the food is served rather slow – compared to how fast food is being served in cafes like Kim Gary. They will need to improve on their time management, while maintaining the quality of food.


Free RM5 AEON Year-end discount coupon


Similar to the September’s promotion, the RM5 AEON for purchase of above RM100 in a maximum combination of 2 receipts was back for the weekend. If we were not at Sunway Pyramid and One U, we wouldn’t have know of this promotion. We were at One U to grab some last minute stuff for myself and baby. At the end, we spent about RM303 and obtained 3 RM5 vouchers we can only be used from Dec 10 to Dec 31.


Value buy at Ego Nutritions @ The Curve



We were at The Curve on last Sunday as I wanted to get my Clarins’ voucher. During our journey there, hubby told me that he planned to stop by at Muscle Mania Club located at Kayu Ara Damansara after our shopping at The Curve. However, at the Curve, hubby was surprised to find that Ego Nutritions were having SALE, which was not a frequent sight.


I seriously do not know what he was actually buying or what their uses were. However, price comparisons showed that it was a value buy at Ego Nutritions. And, hubby says that he is a wise consumer too.


He managed to save RM18 for the purchases and the sales guy even gave him one packet of sample.


MPharm Amino1 32 servings was at RM93 in Ego Nutritions (while in Muscle Mania Club – it was RM120) – therefore, a saving of RM27


MPharm Assault 1.62lbs was at RM124 in Ego Nutritions (while in Muscle Mania Club – it was RM115) – therefore, an additional cost of RM 9


Therefore, a total saving of RM18. In addition, he said that he managed to save some petrol for not having to drive to Muscle Mania Club and since we were already in The Curve. Influenced largely by 17chipmunks, he took into consideration the free sample whey. He also said that “who knows the products that he wanted are out of stock at Muscle Mania Club”



RM 350 redemption voucher from Clarins


As per confirmation during the last purchase at Clarins, I received a sms saying that my voucher is ready for collection and it will be members’ day for the period 23 Nov to 26 Nov. In that week, I called and enquire if my voucher is worth RM350 – which they confirmed yes. Then, I asked what offer are there for members on members’ day – which I was told where members will receive gifts up to a certain amount of purchase (the members’ offer wasn’t any attractive to me). So, I decided to drop at The Curve’s Clarins the week after.


When I was there, I just showed my members’ card and Mandy helped me to check on my voucher. I looked at the Christmas sets and don’t really find any suitable one. I asked Mandy the price of Eye Contour Gel; she told me that it is out of stock and they plan to have a replacement product for it. She then introduced me to Defining Eye Lift, which cost RM190.


Since I need to spend the whole amount of RM350 on a single receipt, she asked what other products that I need to refill. I told her about pore minimising serum and lotus face treatment oil. However, looking at my face, she said that my face is no longer oily. She also asked if I wanted a quick face analysis from her to see how was my skin on face. I agreed to it and she analysed my skin. She said that my face is a little dehydrated.


Then, I remembered I needed Hydraquench cream gel as well. Mandy said that the product suits my skin.  This product cost RM180. So, now the bill comes to RM370, which means that I merely have to come out RM20. And hence, the purchase. Mandy also gave me a sample product and taught me how to use the sample and also the Defining Eye Lift. I also received two vouchers – (1) Collect additional 50% points with purchase of RM1,200 worth of Clarins products in a single receipt and (2) Enjoy 50% off on any 60 minutes Face Treatment with purchase of Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum. I find both vouchers totally useless for me.




I am happy that Mandy was able to give the skin analysis at the spot and see if the products I want actually suit me. This is really commendable. In addition, she told me to come back after my delivery for another skin analysis, as usually skin differs during pregnancy.


After I got home, I realised that from:


Defining Eye Lift is RM 197.50 (saving of RM7.50)

Hydraquench cream gel is RM169.50 (additional cost of RM10.50)


Though there is an additional cost of RM3, I don’t mind the difference because overall, I only paid RM20 and I got the products on the spot. In addition, I accumulated 3,700 points from the purchase of RM20.

Stem Cell Banking with CyroCord


After months of thinking, we (or rather hubby) have made the decision on banking stem cell with CyroCord. Well, I won’t be talking about the benefits of banking in stem cell – because information is widely available – but rather on our choice.

Our first point of knowledge on stem cell happened during the antenatal class at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. We were introduced to CyroCord and so happen to know their pricing.

Then, we got home to do our research. Initially, through our research we found that there are three main stem cell companies in Malaysia, which are StemLife, CyroCord and Cell Safe.  StemLife (which is a listed company) was sort of transparent in displaying their prices (but heard from hubby that this company are into debts though). Next, we went into Cell Safe website – limited information and so, I decided to email them.

After emailing Cell Safe and refusing to give my mobile number at first, they ignore my email. It was one month after I emailed them and decided to give my mobile number. Then, they called me soon after but I was in the office – busy and inconvenient to talk. So, I asked them to return my call later. Thereafter, no news from them. Well, bad first experience – we are only at sales level and they are giving such bad service – how can they be trusted after the sign up.

We were more or less down to two companies – StemLife and CyroCord. The difference is CyroCord offers a package that includes 5 vials.

It was nearer to delivery date that we talked to Dr Fatima about stem cells. She said that there are four companies (the fourth company being StemTech) but to maintain independence – the hospital does not carry any product or brands on stem cell. She advised us to sign up ourselves and reminded us to bring the stem cell kit on the day of delivery. She also added that we should never leave the kit in the car – as it will melt after being too long in a non-shaded car. We took the opportunity to ask her about whether it could be better to have one bag or 5 vials, and she said “the more the better”. She also mentioned that StemLife has 5 vials too.

We were brief by the sales person, Anny from CyroCord during the EG Mother & Baby Expo 2-4 Nov 2012 @ PWTC. We skipped her briefing on the importance of stem cell banking and went straight into the packages. They have three plans, but I could only remember one plan – which is the first time payment of RM2,500 (if we pay the full sum at the spot – it will be RM2,300 instead). Thereafter, depending on affordability, one can use a 20 years plan of RM250 per year payment or a lump sum of RM2,500 for 20 years. If we were interested in 5 vials, there will be an additional RM500 charge. For a sign up at the expo, we will be entitled to either a baby carrier or a discount of RM300. Further to that, if we have a referrer, our referrer will get to enjoy RM50 on our sign up. It is after confirmation that the stem cell can be banked in, our referrer will enjoy another RM100 or one year free storage fee. Total up  – the plan will cost RM5,000 (RM2,300+RM2,500+RM500-RM300). If taken into consideration referral fee, it will be RM4,850.

It was at the 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012 that we finally have a face-to-face chat with their StemLife’s sales assistant. I can’t remember her name. But, they assure us that there wasn’t the package for 5 vials, since according to them it is the Ministry’s regulation that stem cell should be banked into one big pack. Their package is simple – RM4,800 and with a gift (which is a toy set). One can choose not to have the gift, but a referral, who will get RM150 upon sign up.  If one chooses referral over the gift, then it would be RM 4,650.

In between the time frame of expo in PWTC and Midvalley, we did made deep consideration. In fact, Anny from CyroCord was in contact with me and I continued to ask her questions, and she kept sending me sms reminder about the expo in Midvalley.

After making a deep consideration by hubby (during the breastfeeding talk), he decided on CyroCord – for the 5 vials reason. I decided on signing up with Anny since she really made the effort to keep in touch with us. In fact, upon arrival and seeing me, she recognised me. We asked her to re-clarify the package.  We signed up on the spot and made full payment via my Manchester United Visa Card. During the sign up, I guess she was too busy or too stress up – mistake after mistake in filling up my form. In addition, I got to fill up those forms myself and she did not need my real id to verify my particulars.

After done with filling up forms and signing documents, we were shown the kit – where we went through all items and check list. The kit was then sealed and placed into a bag – which we took home. So, done with our final item – stem cell banking. Hope our baby will not need it anyway – but be a healthy person!

After the payment, we were also given some free vouchers – but not really suitable for our use currently and most come with minimum purchase amount.


With Manchester United winning the match against QPR on the day, I got to 5x my Treatpoints for the RM5,000 payment for stem cell banking. So, that’s an additional RM100 rebate for us (10,000 Treatpoints equivalent RM50 waiver in annual tax fee). Since we made payment for the Baby Gym Mat + Fisher Price Musical Mobile from CuteSmith Children Boutique @ 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012, check up bill with Dr Fatima and dinner at Chilli’s, it help accelerate my Treatpoints at a speed up rate from 12,876 Treatpoints to 39,993 Treatpoints.

On 2 December:


On 6 December:


Breastfeeding talk @ 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012


I thought it will be a good idea to attend the breastfeeding talk organised by Phillip Avent at the 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012. This was an hour talk by the lactation counsellor – Pn Salmiah Dato Haji Talib.


Well, we registered ourselves in front of the function room about 15 minutes before 3pm. I would say that the lady handling the registration counter was poor. We were asked to fill up the form, but no other information is provided – until we asked her. We could not attend the function room earlier because according to her, there was another function running. So, we came back later to the function room. Even then, we waited outside of the function room until they allowed us to enter.


The talk started shortly after we entered the function room. The talk last for 30 minutes before the Q&A session was opened up. Of all the breastfeeding talks that I have attended – Breastfeeding talk @ Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya, Antenatal class at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre and Breastfeeding talk by Gina Yong, this is the poorest – in the sense – language and the way she delivered the talk. But, it was free – so, we can’t expect more. However, I managed to grab few tips – especially from the Q&A session.  Despite organised by Phillip Avent, I would say that they have maintained independent in providing their advice.


The most annoying part about this talk is – the ladies handling the event – kept on coming in and out from the function room, not even bothering that it was actually very noisy out there – thus, left us feeling uncomfortable.


At the end of the session, we were given some freebies after filling up their feedback form (each couple a gift). Well, that came in as a surprise to me.





Baby Gym Mat + Fisher Price Musical Mobile from CuteSmith Children Boutique @ 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012


Two items that I have been looking forward to buying are the baby gym mat and musical mobile. The first will be useful when we travel around especially to in law’s house. We can just place the mat on the floor in the living room for our baby to lie down. And, it can be used from age 0. I hope it will fulfil the function that I mentioned. The latter is useful for baby’s eyes to start focusing on objects.


We got the two items from CuteSmith Children Boutique @ 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012. According to the man who spoke to us, they are online shop without physical shop – and thus they are “everywhere”.  If you wish to join their facebook, you will need to add them as friend – so I did not. However, you can also find their products on blogspot:


We got the Baby Gym Mat, which has a larger mat, for RM150. It is Tian Yu Brand. According to the man (though I am not too sure how true it is), Tian Yu is the same manufacturer of Fisher Price’s gym mat. The materials used and the designs are the same. True enough, if you surf on “Fisher Price: Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Activity Gym”, you will find the gym mat exactly the same as the one we got hold of. The online price seems to be RM190.


On the other hand, we got the Fisher Price Musical Mobile for RM55, while the online price is RM75.


Given that we both two items and total cost is RM205, I asked if he could give further discount. He declined, but instead, he gave us a free toy – which could be hung on the stroller.


Compared to purchases made in EG Mother & Baby Expo 2-4 Nov 2012 @ PWTC, we only require to make a purchase of above RM100 (instead of RM250) in order for us to use our credit card.

Baby neck float from Wonder Bee @ 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012


I actually wanted to buy this baby neck float at EG Mother & Baby Expo 2-4 Nov 2012 @ PWTC. However, I did not. At the end, we got it from 4th Maternity & Children Expo 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012 from Wonder Bee. The baby neck float can be used from 3 months old to about 5 years old. It cost RM40, while its usual price is RM45 (well, so, just a saving of RM5). Hope it will be of great use to our baby – can’t wait to bring her to the pool!


This is how it looks like after we pumped it up:


To find out more about the baby neck float, visit


The shop is located in Kepong, according to the sales lady, when we asked if there’s problem with the float and what we do with it.