Sale at, Off Kuchai Lama till Jan 2, 2013


We were at Kuchai Lama as hubby wanted to get a hair cut. While waiting, I went to that is a few doors away from the hair saloon. I have been there actually but never bought anything – even in their Zenith Park, Kelana Jaya branch. We went to the branch at Zenith Park to check out the price of the stroller Halford that we bought later on from thebabyoutlet at Tropicana City Mall.


I thought I would be window shopping at, as we got almost everything. Then, I was left alone to look around (which is so pleasant to not having a sales person following me around – putting pressure on me). I noticed that they were having the year-end sales as well. After a while, I finally got the mirror for our baby (which I so wished to get it since weeks ago) that was going for RM29.90 – well, I didn’t even look at the discount given. I also got our baby a little shoe/sock – because I was attracted to a baby wearing a shoe the other day. The price of the shoe/sock was RM9.90.


It was during payment that I realized that the mirror was going out at a 30% discount while the shoe/sock was going out at a 20% discount. So, I bought the two items for less than the original price of the mirror. I also asked when will the sales last, which the sales person replied that it will be till Jan 2, 2013.


Further than that, I noticed that the sales person there was particularly helpful to customers – answering their queries when asked. I still like the concept of leaving me alone to browse their items – without bugging me to buy anything. Credit card can be used only for payments above RM50.


Well, I found baby swimpant there. I would probably get it from here when our baby needs it.

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