Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy, SS2


I just realized that my Neurogain PB has only two tablets left. So, I dropped by at the nearest AA Pharmacy, which is in SS2. I have forgotten about the pricing. Upon arrival, I was greeted with cheer by the pharmacist/ sales assistant, asking what I was seeking. I told her that I was looking for Neurogain, which she immediately took for me from the shelf. The pricing was RM45 and I seek her confirmation if the price was after discount – because in its Lucky Garden branch, they like to mark up the pricing on the price tag, and then lowered the price during payment. She said yes, and without much hesitation I bought it. I bought one bottle because I really has forgotten the pricing. I made my payment in credit card; despite being less than RM50 – the sales assistant said that normally they only accept credit card payment if it is more than RM50.

Well, after checking on the last purchase at AA Pharmacy, Lucky Garden, I realized that it was RM1 more expensive at its SS2 branch. But, I am not too sure, if there was a hike in price after 3 months or so. Nevertheless, visiting at this SS2 branch allows me to save on petrol. Moreover, for this round, I really felt a better service provided by this pharmacy compared to its Lucky Garden branch. So, it was definitely worth it. Also, I like the idea of them not hiking the price at the price tag and then giving a huge discount.

Follow up read: Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy back at RM44

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