Value buy at Ego Nutritions @ The Curve



We were at The Curve on last Sunday as I wanted to get my Clarins’ voucher. During our journey there, hubby told me that he planned to stop by at Muscle Mania Club located at Kayu Ara Damansara after our shopping at The Curve. However, at the Curve, hubby was surprised to find that Ego Nutritions were having SALE, which was not a frequent sight.


I seriously do not know what he was actually buying or what their uses were. However, price comparisons showed that it was a value buy at Ego Nutritions. And, hubby says that he is a wise consumer too.


He managed to save RM18 for the purchases and the sales guy even gave him one packet of sample.


MPharm Amino1 32 servings was at RM93 in Ego Nutritions (while in Muscle Mania Club – it was RM120) – therefore, a saving of RM27


MPharm Assault 1.62lbs was at RM124 in Ego Nutritions (while in Muscle Mania Club – it was RM115) – therefore, an additional cost of RM 9


Therefore, a total saving of RM18. In addition, he said that he managed to save some petrol for not having to drive to Muscle Mania Club and since we were already in The Curve. Influenced largely by 17chipmunks, he took into consideration the free sample whey. He also said that “who knows the products that he wanted are out of stock at Muscle Mania Club”



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