AA Pharmacy at SS2/67 and savings on supplement

We were having our tea time in Hailam Kopitiam, SS2 only to find that a new pharmacy, AA Pharmacy is opening next door. It was after a deep thought, I finally recognized that it is the same pharmacy as in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. We decided to drop by at the pharmacy after our tea. It was actually stocking goods – in preparation of its open ceremony on Sunday, November 18 but customers were allowed to enter the shop.

Similar to the concept in Lucky Garden’s outlet, the pharmacy is one floor above. I managed to get the same Calcium and Obimin  – at slightly cheaper price; RM69.90 and RM 25 (instead of RM75 and RM27 – the last round). Receipt is only available upon request and handwritten – so I decided to forego it. Payment can be made in credit card.

Well, good that they have a branch now at SS2, which certainly make purchasing of cheap supplements easier for me.  At the first visit, the staff was friendly.

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Shopping at Baby Jaya @ Damansara Utama

One of the final items that we were looking for was baby cot. We were rather indecisive about this despite having went through few shops including Seng SKH Furniture Shop and BabyLand (in SS2). After searching and searching again, while googling about “baby cot petaling jaya” I bumped into Baby Jaya website. Given that it is located in Damansara Utama, we decided to pay a visit to the store.


While on our way to the shop last Sunday, we actually stopped by also at Twins Baby located not too far from Baby Jaya. We were entertained by a foreign worker at Twins Baby and simple explanation was given. A 10% discount was also given and a RM30 delivery fee (inclusive of installation) was quoted.


Finally, we dropped by at Baby Jaya. Well, it is located at a place where we always passed by but never really take notice. When we were there, we realized that they were having year-end sales. There were few customers, and the lady assistant (guess also the owner) was explaining to them. The items there range from small items such as clothing to big items such as baby cot and strollers. I noticed that most of the items carry the BabyLove brand.

Hubby then queried about baby cots and mattress. I would definitely say that the lady gave a better explanation than the worker at Twins Baby – instead of giving a one sided view about latex mattress, she told us that it is subjective and depending on preference. After about 30 minutes, we actually decided on the baby cot set – which include latex mattress and 7-in-1 bedding set – worth RM1,257.80. Due to the sales, the price is now RM853, which is about 30% discount. This was much cheaper than the comparable set quoted in Twins Baby. However, the delivery charge here is much higher – which is RM80. The lady then told hubby to DIY fix the cot himself – she even taught hubby how to do it.

Nevertheless, we could not make the purchase last Sunday because the credit card machine was down – and we thought we could accumulate more points on my Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card– given the winning match over Aston Villa. So, at the end, we only got the small item – Anti-Slip Bath Bed – which original cost is RM24.90. There was a 20% off and the item went for RM19.92.

After returning home, we were still determined to return to Baby Jaya. And, so yesterday after our visit to Dr Fatima’s clinic, we returned to the stall. It was a drizzling day and so, when we were there, we were the only customer and given all the attention. We wanted to get another bedding set – and the lady told us that she could give us the same price of RM155 (instead of its original RM259.80). And, so we got with it. The total cost come to RM1008, and the lady gave us a RM8 off – so, total payment went to RM1000. She said that the RM8 off was for us having to come over twice. There is a five year warranty on the latex mattress, which starts from the day we use it – where we need to send the warranty card ourselves to Bumble Bee or through Baby Jaya We took the items home – with her husband helping us carry the cot into our car (cash on delivery).

Overall, we are satisfied with the service provided by Baby Jaya. The lady is also able to give good advice – such as whether to wash the bedding sets and so forth. However, not too sure if some of the items there are old, or are they


Back at home, hubby has finally fixed the baby cot within an hour. Well, finally our baby has a crib.

Looking at Baby Jaya Website; supposedly we get the items separately


Baby cot = RM559.20

Bumble bee latex mattress 48” x 24” x 3” = RM 319.20

Bumble bee 7-pieces crib set (2 sets) about = RM342 x2 = RM684


Total cost = RM1,562.40, while we paid only RM1,000. It is about 50% savings on the purchase. Sadly, Manchester United lost the match to Norwich this morning, so, we did not manage to collect the five times Treatpoints.


Another round of Watsons’ redemption of points

My last redemption was on 14 May 2012. Since then, I have accumulated another 685 points, where an approximate RM685 was spent in the last 6 months. Items that we bought normally are panty liners, hubby’s hair clay, deodorant and probably occasionally some supplements. Not long ago, I also received a sms from Watsons reminding me to redeem my points by the end of the year, or else the points could be forfeited.


I was at Watsons’ Tropicana City Mall and bought a pack of panty liner that cost RM12.80. I handed my card over to the sales assistant and asked if I could redeem my points. He immediately said possible and helped me checked the total points available for redemption. I had a total points of 747, meaning I could redeem RM3.73 (747 points/ 200). Therefore, the payment made was merely RM9.05.


Well, it has been over a year (since August 2011) that I had this card. Total redemption made till today is RM2.50 + RM 3.30 + RM3. 73 = RM9.73. Since this is a lifetime membership with a payment of just RM12, I have no worries that I would not get back my “capital”.

Subway Fresh Combo

Subway has come out with their limited time Fresh Combo. You can choose either Chicken Slice or Chicken Teriyaki, together with a  16 oz drink and a cookie for RM10.90. Well, if you decide to take on a set – then this is worth it.

Hubby had his fresh combo at Tropicana City Mall; while I go with the sub of the day, since we just wanted one drink and one cookie.


And, our visit proves that the inclination of the staff at Subway SS15/8 to cut my sandwich into half – wasn’t a new policy. It was totally something he made up – as he refused to cut my sandwich half.

My sandwich was sliced into half at Tropicana City Mall.


Further to my complain on their facebook, their response were:


We’d appreciate it if you could tell us more about your experience by logging a formal complaint on our customer service page. We’ll then forward your comment directly to the store owner in your area. http://www.subway.com/Applications/CustService/frmCustomerService.aspx


So far, I have not hear from them after the submission of complain on 5 November 2012.


Claiming my refund from Living Social

After being told that my deal has been cancelled and I will not be getting my item, I HAD to send them an email to find out how the refund will be done, sadly.

I wrote them an email on Nov 12 saying:



I came over to your office on last Saturday and was told that the deal was cancelled (as enclosed). I was also told that I would be getting my refund in 14 days. Can I get a confirmation on this – that a refund will be seen in my banking account?

Btw, I did not receive this email blast and thus came over to your office.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Living Social reverted to me on Nov 14, which made me REAL mad:

Controlling my anger, I then re-wrote to them:

–          – – –

Hi there,

Thanks for the email.

However, I am disappointed that the refund has been placed into my Deal Bucks. When I spoke to your staff, he says that it will be credited into the same bank account where I transferred the payment from.

I am demanding that you refund me in cash rather than Deal Bucks, as the cancellation is not my fault. In addition, your action of refunding me via Deal Bucks is implying that I have to make purchases from your site in the near future.

Please kindly revert. Thanks.

Within few hours, they reverted:

So, I will be expecting my refund in the next 14 working days while we were told by Raymond that the refund should be 14 working days from the email blast out saying the cancellation of the deal. I am truly disappointed again with their approach in handling the matter. It really got me on nerves when I read the email that they will be refunding in Deal Bucks. However, now that they have agreed to refund in cash, we will have to wait and see if the money does come in, in the next 14 working days from November 14.


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Be an OLDTOWN Excellent Judge to get a FREE White Coffee

We were at OldTown and saw this banner that says that “Be an OLDTOWN Excellent Judge to get a FREE White Coffee” and at the order slip, there was the questions to judge on the service excellence of the product. So, I took the effort to fill up the form. I noticed that there was this “terms and conditions”, which was not stated there.

It was after the payment was made, on the receipt – the terms and conditions were stated, whereby:

  1. Valid only with customer comment on printed receipt.
  2. Valid with any rice/ noodle meal purchase.
  3. Valid for 1 week from voucher issue date @ outlet issuance only.


Well, since we took bread and drinks only, we will not be entitled to the “free” drink. Well, I think it is rather fair that they want their customer to purchase any rice or noodle meal for the free drink – or else, they will be making losses. Also, I am also rather confused that the free drink will be available on the same or next week. After going through and thinking about it, I guess, it will be for next week. In my opinion, their third condition seems not too fair – as we have to come back to the same outlet – well, probably because we are rating this particular outlet.


Conclusion: There’s no total free lunch at OldTown.

Dining at Rojmoon Sandwich & Café @ Jalan Waras 1, Taman Connaught, Cheras

Disappointed that Mydeen (the mamak) was not serving roti naan at around 8pm, we passed by Rojmoon Sandwich & Café. The waitress, warm heartedly introduced what’s on the menu (though I wasn’t really listening). After looking at the price, well – which is affordable, we decided to give it a try.

The place was rather empty on its ground floor. Not too sure about its first floor – as I could see the waitresses bringing food to that level. We were seated and given a menu each; placed our order – I had chicken burger set while hubby had chicken bacon sandwich. We ordered two glasses of plain water. The burgers were freshly prepared – one setback for sitting at its ground floor is – the ventilation seems to be not too good – so, it is rather choking to be seated there while they prepare the food.

The chicken burger

The food was prepared and served to us. Verdict, burger and sandwich tasted ok, but the side dishes were below average.

Chicken bacon sandwich

On service level, I think the waitresses have done a good job. Despite no customers, noticed that the waitress has kept the place very tidy – by constantly mopping the floor. They also made the effort to call in customers. Free wife is available and the place is rather cosy.

Price wise, as mentioned, they are affordable. In fact, plain water served was free.

Will I return? I have no idea – unless there is really nothing else to eat – the fact is Taman Connaught has nothing much to eat at night hours. There is a new café in Taman Connaught. However, if not for turning into Jalan Waras 1 (which is at the back of the main highway), I don’t think we will notice it.

Dessert at Meet Fresh, Paradigm Mall

We decided to give Meet Fresh (located at Paradigm Mall) a try after passing by it several times. It was Friday that we tasted it. They were having weekdays promotion as well, where you could choose one of the five sets – you pay for the bowl of shave ice (the price varies depending on which shave ice you take), and you then just add on 90 sen for a drink. We decided to go for Set B. It does not charge service or tax fees, and thus, we just paid RM7.80 for the set.

The dessert was served in 5 minutes (where we need to pick them up from the counter). Well, the dessert is really average, or maybe slightly below average. Service wise, they are “fair”. Sadly, no initiative to send the dessert over despite having just one or two tables of customers. The place provides free wifi for the customers.

On the dessert wise, we don’t think we would return given that there is a Snowflake in the mall, which can serve better dessert.

Living Social Deal cancelled – Fisher Price adorable animals baby’s bouncer for RM99

I spotted the Fisher Price adorable animals baby’s bouncer for RM99 way back in early October, and I bought the vouher without much hesitation because the item is going out at least RM300 above in the market. My voucher number was 1000105906954. I could only collect the item from October 31 to November 30 at Living Social’s office located at Midvalley. I was happy that the office is open for redemption even on Saturdays.

In fact, on Nov 1, I received a reminder to redeem the product. We happily went to Living Social’s office yesterday (Saturday, Nov 10). I was really shocked to be told that the deal has been cancelled and the customer service in fact has notified purchasers via email (which I did not receive). The reason apparently was the merchant could only re-stock the goods in 90 days.  I tried going through my spam box and could not find the purport email sent out. The staff, Raymond then showed us the email blast that they sent out. He then said that they will refund the money in 14 (working) days from the date of the email. We asked him to forward the email blast to me, which is as below:

Of course, I am truly disappointed. In fact, days ago, I noticed that they are selling another similar product, a portable rocker – now going at RM183, which is almost double the price. I am not sure of the true story behind the scene. In my opinion, it is really fishy (maybe that’s why they are called “Fisher”) – of the merchant to do such cancellation. They could in fact offer to ask if the customers mind the products send to them later – instead of cancelling it totally, and now replacing with another product. Similarly, Living Social is also “irresponsible” that they re-allowed such merchant to come back with similar product – well, this is world of business, I guess.

It really wasted our time and effort to come over – I have no idea, how true that they have sent out the email, while I received different email reminding me to pick up the product. I am also emotionally disappointed as I have expected the product so much for my baby.

I am not sure if I should believe Living Social + the similar products sold by this merchant – which is unnamed in this scenario.

This is my first time purchasing a deal that is being cancelled eventually. Hope we could get back our refund without hassle.

Living Social office:

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Baby Love Booth @ EG Mother & Baby Expo 2-4 Nov 2012 @ PWTC

Another booth that we stopped at EG Mother & Baby Expo held at PWTC in Nov is Baby Love Booth. Similar to One Baby World Booth, it is rather unorganised and quite crowded. Nevertheless, the paying queue is shorter. To use credit card, we have to spend at least RM200. At the end, we just got the nursing poncho and baby organic pillow (which comes with a free layer of cover).

The online price of the nursing poncho is RM 39.90, while we got it for RM32 (savings of RM7.90)


The online price of the baby organic bean sprout pillow is RM 29.90, while we got it for RM23 (savings if RM6.90)


The total savings we got from purchasing at the Baby Love Booth compared to its online website is RM14.80.