Disposable diapers’ prices

We have come to a stage when we need to start buying disposable diapers. Being fairly new in this “market” and first time buyer, I would just jot down the prices – for the first post on disposable diapers without much price comparison (unless I have basis of argument that it is cheaper). We have bought various brands – just to see which suit our baby most.


For the time being, we bought the following:


From Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food (on 25 Nov 2012) –

Mamy Poko (newborn) 48 pieces = RM28.90 (RM0.60 per piece)

PetPet (S size) 60 pieces = RM26.90 (RM0.45 per piece)

Huggies Ultra (newborn) 52 pieces = RM29.90 (RM0.60 per piece)

From Giant (on 29 Nov 2012) –

Hey Baby (S size) 86 pieces = RM26 (the advertisement shows that its normal price is RM29) – while taking this picture in Giant Damansara Town, I was “warned” by the guard/ manager – taking into consideration the higher price: RM0.34 per piece (with the promotional price, it is RM0.30 per piece)

We also bought Drypers for newborn from Jaya Jusco two months back, but it comes in a set of wet tissue and bath soup, shampoo, powder and lotion (therefore, we will discard this pricing in this post). Anyway, I also found out that Hey Baby is from the same company as Drypers.


At the moment, it seems Hey Baby is the cheapest amongst all.




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