17chipmunks was given employment confirmation in 3 months

Photo source: kforce.com

It will be closed to a month since my employment confirmation. 17chipmunks got confirmed on Nov 1 despite entering the firm on August 1. Yes, it was 3 months instead of 6 months (according to my company’s policy). Why? I have “outperformed” (despite being pregnant) and have the skin to ask for an early confirmation. It was ego boosting actually when my boss agreed on it with me merely sending her an email – jotting down the points that I should be considered for a confirmation so that I don’t lose up my maternity benefits and requesting for a meet up for discussion.


My argument points were:


In the past three months, I have adapted well and hopefully I have performed up to your expectation.


To summarise, here are my positive points:

1.       Can be relied on to complete responsibilities in a timely manner

·         Good work planning and scheduling; thus able to meet deadlines 100% of the time so far

·         Show promise with “clients”


2.       Displays initiative, seeks job growth, requires little guidance, and occasionally takes on more than expected.


3.       Good follow up


4.       Maintains professionalism or coolness amidst stressful conditions

·         Able to response to changing requirements and conditions


5.       Good work attitude


6.       Able to think clearly and analytically

·         Give detailed understanding on the subject matter written about


7.       Able to work both independently and also in a team


I believe I can be an invaluable asset to the team. I do come with weaknesses but I believe my strengths outweigh my weaknesses.


I hope you can consider my request for an early confirmation. We can set a time to meet for a short discussion on this.


–          – – – –

Though it took her about 3-4 hours, once I was asked to enter her room – the confirmation letter was prepared. Well, I am truly grateful for her kind consideration. Nevertheless, I do look upon myself for my own determination – to work hard and prove discriminating employers and people that expectant mothers cannot perform. There were long hours days; there were morning sickness days; there were days when I was caught with a bad mood boss; there were stressful days with people bugging me the whole day; there were days I made mistakes – well, luckily I managed to overcome it. In short, I do have “dark” days in the office – but overall, I found a better working environment and also friendlier colleagues.


My conclusion is: There are other bosses who will value you if your ex- or current bosses don’t, provided you have the capability and determination.


Also, to the employers who did not want to take me as an employee because I am pregnant, you lose up – and not me, while my current employer benefits from it.

With that, I would be enjoying my company’s maternity leave and benefits in a month plus.

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