Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350 from Groupon Malaysia

Back in end August and early September, we were looking for a photographer – for our maternity shoots. There were few photographers that we enquired for quotes. Sadly, all charge above RM500, which was beyond our budget – we thought for the money paid, it could be allocated for better usage.


Coincidently, Groupon Malaysia was having a promotion where they have “Professional Outdoor OR Studio Photoshoot for 3 People + 15 Digital Copies + 15 x 4R Photo Prints for RM35 instead of RM350”. They have also clearly stated that for make-up + hairdo service, they charge an additional RM60 while for all unedited softcopies, they will be charging an additional RM100. So, overall, it will cost RM195. I wrote to them on their facebook to enquire if maternity portrait is allowed for the voucher, which they replied possible.


Without much hesitation, I bought the voucher for RM35 [Voucher code: 0030170TFU] and waited for a week before I could book my slot, which was Nov 24 (4pm). We wanted a studio shoot instead of outdoor. In the booking, I requested for the make-up and hairdo service plus unedited softcopies. When the booking was made, an automated email was sent to me with the confirmation details.


So, we waited for more than a month and the week finally came. I actually sent them an email (before their reminder email) that the photography is on, which they did responded. I was reminded to come about 30 minutes earlier for the make-up and hairdo session. The place is rather new to us – in Sungai Besi. We arrived there around 3.10pm and no one was at the studio. We tried calling them, but in vain. Eventually we got hold of the person via handphone. He told me that he was currently outdoor and will only back at 3.45pm. I was a little shocked because my makeup and hairdo session should be at 3.30pm. I queried him and he said that he will arrive around 3.30 to 3.45pm, and asked us to wait at the mamak next door. At the mamak, I smsed him to remind him to message me when he is back.


Just before 3.45pm, he called me to inform me that they have arrived. We went up to the studio. The studio looks decent. We waited for while before the makeup artist (who is a very young Chinese girl) asked me to get over to the makeup area. I asked if I needed to change my attire first  but she said that it was up to me. (Personally, I think that was a poor advice)


The makeup and hairdo session takes less than 30 minutes. It was a natural look makeup session – hence, very simple makeup and hairdo –really nothing special but of course, it was better if I did it myself.


Soon after the makeup and hairdo session, we changed our attire. I felt really disgusted entering their toilet. Though it was dry, it was really dirty. In addition, there isn’t a place to hang our clothes.


The photographer, Jason, then started the photography session. I actually printed some sample maternity photos and also brought two “tools” which was a “it is a girl” postcard and the 4d scan of our baby. Nevertheless, Jason seems to be “uninterested” to look at the sample photos.


The session is quite dry – not really entertaining – no jokes to make us laugh. The poses taken were quite normal too. The session took less than an hour especially since I did not other attire to change. I only managed to have one with maternity clothing and two different colours top tubes. Well, I can’t comment on the actual photos – as we have not seen it yet. But, I guess that’s the difference between paying RM35 and more than RM3,900 for our pre-wedding shoots. Well, I do have some bad feeling about the photo – because direction was rather dull. But of course, by buying this voucher, it has helped us saved few hundred ringgit.

After the shoot, the makeup artist actually came out to spoke to us. We will need to wait 10 business days for them to upload the unedited pictures for us to choose 15 photos that we want it to be edited – and which will be printed hardcopies (4R). We could only get the hardcopies after 20 business days from choosing the photos. Wow….that is a lengthy period.  Since we will be paying them on the spot, they will provide us two additional 8R pictures from the 15 copies.  In addition, she promised that we can get the resize unedited photos (from their upload site) after 10 business days since we made the payment already.


For now, see how it goes till we receive the link to the photos and the edited photos plus the unedited softcopies. I guess by the time, I would have delivered.


17chipmunks @ Week 35


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