Manchester United Away Jersey from Eggstore (facebook)

It was hubby’s purchase this time round. He spotted Manchester United Away Jersey from Eggstore’s facebook, going out for RM70 (of course, this isn’t authentic, but “so called” A-class pirated jersey). He made some enquires about sizes and the quality of the jerseys. Response by Eggstore was kind of speedy and analytical – especially on the sizes part. After giving some thought, hubby decided to go for it. They charge a RM10 courier fee via pos laju. The payment of RM80 was made before 3pm last Wednesday – through Maybank. Given the day off on Thursday, hubby received the jersey on Friday (tracking number: Em324224465MY).

Well, hubby was initially satisfied with the jersey until he saw some reddish/ pinkish stain around the neck area. He did write in to Eggstore to get some advice on it. Eggstore replied by apologizing because they are not able to open each jersey to check. They advised him to bleach the reddish area – which I did help hubby to do that – but really in vain. I think hubby is a little disappointed – hope he will be able to get further discount or waive of postage fee on his next purchase.

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