Pedicure at L amore Nail Expert, Kuchai Lama


After having our hair cut at e3 Salon, Kuchai Lama, I decided to drop by at L amore Nail Expert for a pedicure session. It has been a year ago since my last (and first) visit. Upon arrival, I asked about the pricing of the pedicure and was told that it is RM40 – which is the same pricing. I was asked if I came before as they wanted to find my record – so they took down my handphone number, and my record was then identified. There was only one customer beside me – guess business might have been bad or could it be the holiday season.

I was told that I could add on RM10 for scrub service. I initially hesitated, but after thinking about my dead skin on my feet, I decided to proceed. Similar to last visit, the cleanliness was maintained – clean towel and sterilized tools. I was served by a lady called Sook Cheng.  I did not want to paint my toes, so Sook Cheng asked if I wanted to do “buffering”, which was a new term for it – it is referred as making the toes shiny.


Overall, I think Sook Cheng was a little “rough” when it comes to cleaning the cuticle – I could actually feel the little unease while she was doing it. However, she is rather observant it ensuring the cuticles by the side of the toes are cleaned off.

At the part when she was scrubbing my feet and noticed about 3 or 4 calluses at my feet – she told me that it is not the normal calluses caused by shoes – but those that could spread. She advised me to see a skin specialist after the delivery of my baby – that was a value added advice to me.

I did tell her to cut off my toe nails to the shortest. Sadly, I trusted her and did not check – only to realise when I was back at home that it was not the shortest – which means that I might need to visit a pedicure again in less than a month.



One thought on “Pedicure at L amore Nail Expert, Kuchai Lama

  1. I was a regular at L’amore Kuchai before Sook Cheng left. She is my favorite manicurist. Some people might not feel comfortable with her level of strength (re cleaning the cuticles). Feel free to communicate it to her – she will adjust her strength accordingly. I still look for her whenever I want to do manicure and pedicure. She is now at L’amore Kota Damansara.

    Re your request for shortest toenails. There is a reason why she didn’t do that – cutting your nails too short will cause ingrown nail in near future. I am not talking nonsense here. Bf cuts his toenails too short. As a result, ingrown nail and it was painful. I brought him to Sook Cheng to solve the problem. She advised him not to cut his toenails too short. He heeded her advice, and now, no more ingrown nail.

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