Claiming my refund from Living Social

After being told that my deal has been cancelled and I will not be getting my item, I HAD to send them an email to find out how the refund will be done, sadly.

I wrote them an email on Nov 12 saying:



I came over to your office on last Saturday and was told that the deal was cancelled (as enclosed). I was also told that I would be getting my refund in 14 days. Can I get a confirmation on this – that a refund will be seen in my banking account?

Btw, I did not receive this email blast and thus came over to your office.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Living Social reverted to me on Nov 14, which made me REAL mad:

Controlling my anger, I then re-wrote to them:

–          – – –

Hi there,

Thanks for the email.

However, I am disappointed that the refund has been placed into my Deal Bucks. When I spoke to your staff, he says that it will be credited into the same bank account where I transferred the payment from.

I am demanding that you refund me in cash rather than Deal Bucks, as the cancellation is not my fault. In addition, your action of refunding me via Deal Bucks is implying that I have to make purchases from your site in the near future.

Please kindly revert. Thanks.

Within few hours, they reverted:

So, I will be expecting my refund in the next 14 working days while we were told by Raymond that the refund should be 14 working days from the email blast out saying the cancellation of the deal. I am truly disappointed again with their approach in handling the matter. It really got me on nerves when I read the email that they will be refunding in Deal Bucks. However, now that they have agreed to refund in cash, we will have to wait and see if the money does come in, in the next 14 working days from November 14.


Follow up read: Got back our refund from Living Social for the cancelled deal

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