My Dear Warehouse sale 25 October to 4 November 2012

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I got to know about My Dear Warehouse sale in June/July from a friend. We actually made a visit to the factory at Meranti Jaya Industrial Park previously but bought nothing on that visit as we were unsure of the quality of the products and the items that are crucial for our newborn.


Finally, they had another round of My Dear Warehouse sale. This time from 25 October to 4 November 2012. I got to know about it through forum. And, the past few months, I did learnt about My Dear products, which are relatively cheaper because they are made in China products. However, the drawback of course is the quality. Nevertheless, if to relate for babies who might not use the products too long, it can actually be good buys.


In fact, we spotted some items that we wanted during our visit to Babyland (located at SS2). They were selling My Dear changing table, which caught our attention. We decided to delay the purchase till the coming My Dear Warehouse sale (which is this round). We also had in mind that we wanted to purchase the baby spring cot.

So, yesterday we went to the warehouse sale. It was a really sunny afternoon. As a result, the place was really stuffy. They actually have three sections – one is where they sell baby wear, another selling baby toys and the factory itself displays the My Dear brand goods. In the warehouse sale, they displayed the products and we just need to notify the sales assistant to jot down in a piece of paper on what we want. Then, after choosing all the items, we are to make payment before proceeding to the next section to take the items. If you buy bulky things, they offer to send it to your car, but you will need to drive your car to the back of their factory, which was a good service actually.

We managed to buy:

  1. Changing table for RM180 (instead of RM289.90); saving RM109.90
  2. Nursing pillow for RM50 (instead of RM99.90); saving RM49.90
  3. Baby spring cot set for RM142 (instead of around RM250); saving 108.00
  4. Pillow and bolster set for RM24 (instead of RM 29.90); saving RM5.90
  5. Cotton blanket for RM15 (instead of RM35.90); saving RM20.90

Which give us a total savings of RM294.60; and that’s 71.6% of the price paid (RM411). It is totally worth the distance to go there. I think it could be nearer for those staying within Puchong, Putrajaya, Serdang and Bukit Jalil.


Besides that, I got some miscellaneous stuff for my baby such as clothing and baby bottle, which all cost me RM93.


I would consider going there if I have large items that I have in mind. Nevertheless, it could be difficult to bring a baby along as the place is really stuffy.

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