Clarins’ Xmas Sets are back! ~ 2012

It was two weeks ago when Rachel from Clarins’ The Curve called me informing that I would need to spend RM265 by this month (October) so that I can be eligible for RM350 voucher next month. I am agreeable to buy Clarins’ products since I need to replenish some items before I go for maternity. However, I am just waiting for the Xmas sets and I was told by Rachel that the Xmas sets will be probably out at the end of the month. I was adamant to wait till the last week of October, even if the Xmas sets haven’t arrive, I will get some products.

It was during my pre-natal massage session that I received a missed call and then followed by a sms from Rachel, informing that the Clarins’ Xmas Sets for 2012 have arrived. Well, the sms came on time. I am really delighted that she kept the promise to call me when the sets arrive.


So, I was there at the Curve’s Clarins. I purposely stopped by at The Curve though our original destination wasn’t there. I finally got my set of Xmas set for RM165, which contains 200ml Toning Lotion (RM86) , 125ml Gentle Foaming Cleansing (RM95.50), 15ml Gentle Refiner Exfoliating cream (about RM 30) and 15ml HydraQuench Cream Gel (about RM51). I managed to save RM97.50 set.

I actually wanted to get the Hydra-Matte set, but it wasn’t available. It was going for RM124, while the online price at StrawberryNet was RM140. I saved RM16 for this. So, I got this set to make up for more than a total spending of RM265.


Mandy was the one serving me. Without asking, she gave me a sample product, which is the total cleansing oil and taught me how to use it.

For the spending of RM289, I managed to save a total ofRM113.50 and I will be entitled to a voucher of RM350 next mid month. I have also asked Mandy to check if my points from my previous visit in Clarins’ Parkson Subang Parade was keyed in, which it was. She also helped me to double confirm the points that I have more than 22,000 by end of the month to entitled to RM350.


Actually, I don’t really have to be back at my home branch to purchase the Xmas sets, but since they are the one who called me, I was sure that they have it. On the same day, we went to One Utama where I noticed that the Xmas sets have not arrived at the Jaya Jusco’s Clarins while they have arrived at Parkons’ Clarins. In fact, I managed to glance that Parkson’s One U Clarins had the hydramatte set which I wanted.

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