Return visit for pre-natal massage @ Soul Nibbana Wellness & Beauty Studio aka Daveleen @ Jalan SS2/3 PJ

After a pleasant visit to Soul Nibbana Wellness for the trial pre-natal massage, I made a return. I actually wanted to sign up for its package of 6 times for RM528, which is RM 88 per session (rather than RM120 per session) last two weeks ago. However, due to difficulty in getting a session during the weekends, I have decided to forego the idea of signing up the package. Also, I reconsidered that I might not need too frequent pre-natal massage in less than 10 weeks and what if I go into early labour.


I made the appointment one week ago and decided on today since it is a holiday. I asked the lady how much the session would be and initially she said RM195. I was shocked but then she told me she has mistakenly said it would be RM120.


I received a confirmation call on Wednesday, on whether I could make it. I said I could. So, today I went for the pre-natal massage. The masseur could actually recognise me. Before I started the session, I reconfirmed the price. She asked if I was interested to sign up the package, but I told her that I did not want to because it is difficult to set appointments. She told me that I could set the appointments in advance, which I declined. Then, I was told to make the RM120 payment first, without much persuasion on signing up the package.


The massage process is the same. However, today she used more energy on me, resulting me to feel a little aching during the session, but I am ok after the session. Probably, I had to feel such minor pain in order for blood circulation or whatever? One of the setbacks I realised today is they don’t have a dedicated person at the front desk. As a result, the masseur has to attend to door bells during the session. In addition to that, there is also lack of privacy where they allowed other customers to enter into my room during the session to use the toilet in the room. And the customer actually took bath and as a result, I did not have a peaceful session due to the sound of water dripping and her walking off the toilet. Also, the masseur went away for some time before she returned, so I am not sure if she really covered one and half hour session. Overall, today I am a little disappointed.


Thinking about it, it was a good idea that I did not sign up for the package. Yes, I might return, but not so soon and it also depends if I could get an appointment during weekends/holidays.


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