Shopping at Baby & Me @ Taman Pertama, KL

We actually came to know about Baby & Me during the International Baby Expo 10-12 August 2012, KLCC Convention Centre. We were given their flyer but only managed to drop by at its shop in Taman Pertama last Saturday. The reason being it is not opened on Sundays.


Well, after the first visit, I think the variety of items there are just “average”. Price is also “average”.  The sales assistant tried to be customer friendly, but I find it annoying for she follows me around and introduce me to items without me asking her– didn’t give me any privacy to view the items myself. They also sell maternity clothes there, but limited sense of fashion though and the prices are above RM50. I tried one, which end up very baggy for me.

I didn’t really find anything valuable to buy there. At the end, I just got the breast milk storage bag, 100 pieces for RM29.90; only to realise that it is not sealable by itself, but needs to use clips or rubber bands to tie it.


The location is not that strategic with limited transportation mode. It is open from Monday to Saturday but closed on Sundays.


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