10 more weeks to go

I have been growing “astounding-ingly” – size and weight.  From a little invincible tiny bud, our little baby has grown to approximately a kg and more now (our last visit 3 weeks ago was 800gram). “Sadly”, 17chipmunks has been putting a lot of weight – close to 20kg soon; and waistline and hips going “haywire” too. I have never grown this FAT for my life. Today, 17chipmunks is 30 weeks pregnant.


What does 17chipmunks dislike about pregnancy?

1.       Of course, the weight gain and growing out of size.

2.       Not able to fit on to my previous attires.

3.       The change in taste bud throughout pregnancy – it really taste awful after taking in food and drinks that I love to eat or crave.

4.       The morning sickness that hit me on the first week of second trimester, graduated and returning at third trimester (now) – but never thought that vomiting could be that “easy” and nothing much to be disgusted about. I feel numb about vomiting, though I used to be afraid of vomiting.

5.       The bloating and indigestion feeling after taking a meal

6.       I am becoming more immobile and have to take things at slower pace – even eating slowly (and I am rather an impatience person).

7.       I am becoming very forgetful.

8.       Feel tired at one point and having insomnia at another.

9.       Instead of eating whatever I want, my diet is closely watched by hubby.

10.   Feeling uncomfortable with the stares given by people and the common question asked “how many months? Girl or boy?”)


What does 17chipmunks like about pregnancy?

1.       It is really a wonderful feeling how a creature grow in my body.

2.       I like the feeling of my baby moving and kicking; and still get excited each time she does that.

3.       I got most of the privileges from hubby, in-laws and even colleagues.

4.       Sometimes I just eat without thinking of getting fat – I feel I have the right to grow fat.

5.       No one laughs at me for being FAT (but I really know how being fat feels now)

6.       The process of preparing for the arrival of our baby – from attending pre-natal class & breastfeeding class, looking for childcare centres, naming the baby, seeing nursery rhymes to buying baby items.

7.       The regular visits to the gynae are the most exciting, as we get to watch our baby.


Other than that, most of my daily activities remain similar, though at slower pace. I still cook, wash the dishes, mop the house, swim and etc.


I, personally, hope for nothing much but a healthy baby, born under natural childbirth. Also, hopefully I could breastfeed my baby exclusively for at least six months (my biggest objective). [Nevertheless, we have been getting some experiences telling us that this often fails.]


There will be about 10 more weeks to go. And, I wonder how our life will change after that…..

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